The Centre is a global leader in circular economy theory and practice. We provide scientific and evidence-based research, education and business intelligence, for informed decision-making across business, government and academia. The Centre is set within a Russell Group University with world-class credentials and draws on the wealth of inter-disciplinary scientific, business, economic and social science expertise across the entire University.

Our mission is to be a catalyst to advance the transition to a Circular Economy.

Our aim is to provide a rigorous scientific, evidence based approach to critique and develop the theory and practice of Circular Economy, encourage creative solutions to the problems of the linear economy and challenge conventional thinking.

Pioneer University

In 2017, The University of Exeter was designated as a Global Pioneer University by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The Foundation was established in 2010 with the aim of accelerating the transition to the Circular Economy and supporting decision makers across business, academia, and government.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Pioneer University programme is an international network of eight leading universities who are developing pioneering and innovative circular economy-orientated research or teaching programmes. As one of this select group the University of Exeter aims to demonstrate leadership in the sector through the work of the Centre.


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