Research centres and networks

Research centres

Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP)

The Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP) aims to develop knowledge and understanding to inform governments, businesses and communities about how land and the environment are managed and used; the policies that affect this; the impact upon people and how policy should be better designed, appraised and evaluated.

Exeter Centre for Leadership

The Exeter Centre for Leadership brings together outstanding students, faculty and partners.

Members of the Centre conduct distinctive and high quality leadership and governance research as well as a unique teaching and learning environment.

Tax Administration Research Centre (TARC)

The Tax Administration Research Centre undertakes research on tax administration in order to strengthen the theoretical and empirical understanding of tax operations and policies.

The Centre is operated in partnership by the University of Exeter and the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Its research is multidisciplinary, and the research team involves economists, accountants, experimentalists, and psychologists.

Xfi Centre for Finance and Investment

The Xfi Centre for Finance and Investment is a research and teaching institute, housed in a purpose-designed building for professional learning in finance at the University of Exeter.

We work with practitioners in the financial services industry by providing research, conferences and seminars, consulting and advanced training programmes that meet their needs.

Centre for Innovation and Service Research (ISR)

The Centre for Innovation and Service Research (ISR) is a strategic research peak within the University of Exeter Business School. We aim to bring academic rigour to the challenges of managing service organisations.  

Our focus is on producing research outputs that are relevant to practitioners and which extend theory, all of which is grounded in a multi-discipline approach.

Research networks

InsTED - Institutions Trade & Economic Development

Our mission at the InsTED network is to facilitate the debate over whether institutions can and do help to coordinate on beneficial economic outcomes, with a central focus on the implications for economic development.

Although we are broadly interested in the relationship between institutions and development, we have a particular interest in the role of international trade.

TObeWELL - Tourism, Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services

This project is based on bringing together principles of ecosystem services (ES), which focus on life support systems, with more non-material services such as culture, health and wellbeing through tourism.

It aims to link research on wellbeing provided by ecosystems and their use via tourism, leisure and recreation activities.

Business, Nature and Value

This newly-established research group aims to focus on the relationships between business nature, and value creation.

This is a nexus that is hugely important to global commodity supplies, and hence global and local security, and also to the governance of corporate practices, to trade and markets.

Sustainable Innovation Lab (SusIN Lab)

The Sustainable Innovation Lab is an initiative of Prof John Bessant and Dr Sally Jeanrenaud of the Business School, University of Exeter. 

It invites all stakeholders to explore the new driver of innovation and value creation: sustainability.