ISR Seminar -The role of strategic purchasing in dynamic capability development and deployment: A contingency perspective


Speaker:Dr Alistair Brandon-Jones, Readin Operations and Supply Management, Manchester Business School
Date: Friday 31 May 2013
Time: 14:00
Location: Marchant Syndicate Room A: Building:One

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Top managers and other functions in an increasing number of organisations now recognise purchasing for its strategic importance. As a result of this recognition, purchasing functions are increasingly involved in a range of strategic activities, including new product/service development, process improvement, and strategic planning. Yet, the impact of the change in purchasing’s role on capability development and performance remains empirically under-developed. Therefore, we have undertaken a study to examine the links between purchasing reputation, purchasing involvement, knowledge scanning, and performance. From a dynamic capabilities perspective, we argue that purchasing reputation and purchasing involvement act as enablers of dynamic capability development for purchasing functions, in the form of knowledge scanning, which in turn leads to improved performance. From a contingency perspective, we argue that the positive influence of enablers of capability development, and of these dynamic capabilities on performance, will differ based on the industry in which firms operate (manufacturing versus services). Using structural equation modeling, we empirically test our hypotheses based on a sample of 322 firms