Exploring Culinary Spaces and the Celebrity Brand

Organisation Studies

Speaker:Dr Paul Hewer, Reader in Marketing, Strathclyde University
Date: Friday 9 November 2012
Time: 2pm
Location: Streatham Court D

Further details

In this session Brand Nigella will be unpacked through a variety of qualitative data forms. Employing a form of Critical Visual Analyis I will focus upon unpacking the brand and its associated mythologies. This will take the form of an analysis of the lifestyle appeals woven into the fabric of recipes and celebrity images, here inspired by the work of Appadurai (1988) I will seek to unpack such culinary cultures in the making. Moving on from this initial analysis, a netnographic approach to the Celebrity Culinary Brand will be introduced. This analysis of will focus on the social interactions staged on such forums: from staging involvement to staging innovation, inspiration, glamour and belonging. Food and talk of cooking will thus be revealed as ideal vehicles for speaking of collective and idiosyncracy, of the local and global circumstances which come to shape women’s lives. We reveal how, through online posting, women develop and sustain relations of kinship and communitas. Food thus becomes the perfect locus around which to express shared sentiment by way of producing forms of culinary capital. As a confessional instrument the forum becomes a site in which to read, write and rewrite culinary culture, a source of communal self-consciousness. The forum thus operates as a collaborative undertaking, where posts open up space for collective story-telling, a vehicle to author selves through tales of everyday choring and provisioning.