Context for Change - ISR Seminar Series


Speaker:Mark Roper, Managing Director, Starting Line Solutions
Date: Friday 19 October 2012
Time: 11.00-13.00
Location: Bateman Lecture Theatre

Further details

Context for Change Incorrectly positioned change initiatives can tackle symptoms rather than root causes. In order to plan and manage change holistically as an overall portfolio, engagement of leadership and the entire workforce is essential, but not an easy task. Mark's presentation will address how the Continuious Improvement initiative within British Airways was positioned and evolved over time with the goal to be the most effective and demonstrating value to shareholders. How can large scale transformation work across multiple business funtions? Achieiving the right balance between central and local control Engaging at all levels Driven from the top or built from the bottom up? Against a background of turbulent times across the airline industry - how is the focus maintained on strategic change when cost and structural pressures dominate the agenda?