Maternal Autonomy and the Education of the Subsequent Generation: Evidence from three contrasting states in India


Speaker:Wiji Arulampalam, University of Warwick
Date: Friday 30 November 2012
Time: 16.15
Location: Matrix Lecture Theatre, Building One

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This paper makes a conceptual and methodological contribution to the analysis of the influence of maternal autonomy on school enrolment age of children in three contrasting states in India. We use a discrete time duration model and treat maternal autonomy as a latent characteristic, associated with parental and household characteristics, which also conditionally affect school entry.  Results suggest an association between a woman’s autonomy and her socio-economic characteristics in Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh but not in Kerala. Furthermore, female autonomy is a significant influence for school enrolment in UP, less important in AP and insignificant in Kerala.