IPO Lockup Arrangements and Trading by Insiders


Speaker:Meziane Lasfer, Cass Business School
Date: Friday 21 January 2011
Time: 1400-1530
Location: MBA Lecture Theatre

Further details

We document insider trading activity within the lockup periods in IPOs with prestigious underwriters and longer lockup lengths. We also find stronger market reaction to insider trading within lockups compared to trading in seasoned firms and other IPOs where insiders do not trade, with more pronounced contrarian behaviour in the pre-trade period, and in the post trade period up to the lockup expiry dates, IPOs with sell trades generate significantly higher returns, while those with buy trades carry on underperforming, suggesting that the sell trades are early releases from lockups in good IPOs, while the buy trades are for price support considerations, but their signal is weak, implying that the valuation uncertainty of IPOs makes the precision of the
information content of insiders’ trading weak and their profitability low.