Spinning Plates with the Grim Reaper: Have hospital middle management jobs become extreme jobs?

Research Cluster

Speaker:David Buchanan, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Cranfield School of Management
Date: Friday 25 February 2011
Time: 1100-1230
Location: Xfi Conference Room 1

Further details

The concept of the ‘extreme job’ usually applies to high-earning professionals in finance and law, with 60-hour weeks, fast pace and deadlines, international travel, unpredictability, inordinate responsibility, and other pressures. Based on findings from a study of six English hospitals, this seminar explores the possibility that middle and front line management jobs in healthcare have also become ‘extreme’. Most of the classic symptoms are present, but healthcare management jobs can be extreme in other respects, including the need to combine clinical and change leadership responsibilities. However, as studies in other sectors suggest, some ‘adrenaline junkies’ find this style of working enjoyable and fulfilling, while others find it exhausting and frustrating. How should policy and practice respond in this context?