Educating Leaders for the Knowledge Era

Research Cluster

Speaker:Dr. Sandra Jones, Associate Professor, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Date: Thursday 14 October 2010
Time: 1.00pm
Location: Xfi Conf Room 1

Further details

Dr Sandra Jones is the Associate Professor Employment Relations at the University of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and is  the Deputy Head Learning and Teaching School of Management. 
Dr Jones is currently leading a nationally funded project to identify a Distributed Leadership Matrix and Self Evaluative Tool designed to build leadership capacity in learning and teaching in Australian universities. This matrix is building upon the P.A.C.E.D (Participative, Accredited, Collaborative, Engaged, Devolved) Distributed Leadership model she designed based on the research findings from a nationally funded project into the use of Distributed Leadership to enhance student learning that she led between 2006-2009. 
Dr Jones interest in the nexus between Teaching, Research and Scholarship resulted from her being awarded a National Teaching Citation for her Outstanding Contribution to student learning in the Effective Application of innovative, authentic, virtual situated learning environments (VSLE's) that enhance learning in diverse business cohorts through direct participation in experiential learning opportunities”. In 2009 Sandra was awarded the RMIT Vice Chancellors Distinguished Teaching Award for her sustained commitment to learning and teaching, university wide leadership, scholarship and success in teaching-related grants and citations”. 
Dr Jones was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Lancaster post-disciplinary Institute of Advanced Studies as part of its Inaugural Annual Research Program into the Knowledge Based Economy in 2006 and a Visiting Professor to the University du Quebec en Outaouais, and the University of Laval in 2005. She is currently an International Advisor of the UK HEA Hospitality and Tourism Special Interest Group on the Olympics and a Visiting Professor to the Catholic University of Lille (IESEG), International Management Master Program.
Sandra has extensive experience as a practitioner of employment relations, having most recently been employed by a State Government in Victoria to facilitate the emergence of Communities of Practice across public sector departments.