SITE PGR seminar series 'How do perceptions of opportunities and barriers influence strategy development in potentially disruptive new ventures facing dominant incumbents in public good markets?'

SITE (Science, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship)

Speaker:Ian Gray, University of Exeter
Date: Wednesday 22 September 2021
Time: 10:30
Location: Via Microsoft Teams (Link via

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There are many industries that have seen significant levels of disruption this century. Often the disruption is driven by new entrants, bringing in new technologies and new business models. The definition of ‘disruption’ has been contested over the past two decades and the majority of the research has been on the behaviour and strategies of incumbents in private sector markets. Recent research in disruption has begun to focus more on new entrant strategies post market entry, and in most cases mirrors earlier entrepreneurship research on the iterative, experimental nature of new entrant strategy. However, there are still gaps on how entrepreneurs and their teams assess barriers and opportunities post market entry when formulating strategy. This gap is accentuated in the field of public goods and not-for-profit markets, where there is little research on entrepreneurial decision making in these markets. This PhD research is to understand how entrepreneurs and their teams in potential disrupters develop their post entry strategies based on their perception of opportunities and barriers in a not-for-profit sector that provides public goods; the humanitarian aid sector.