Perceptions of autism and experiences of (de)stigmatisation in the workplace: exploring links and understanding stigma management


Speaker:Monica Figueira, PhD Candidate in Management, University of Exeter
Date: Monday 14 June 2021
Time: 14:30
Location: Zoom

Further details

Autism diagnoses are rising and although many autistic individuals are capable of work, they face high rates of unemployment or underemployment. Arguably, most of the challenges autistic individuals face at work revolve around issues with stigma. In this talk, I will present a conceptual paper that examines the processes of stigmatisation and de-stigmatisation of autism in the workplace. In my paper, I use a power relations lens to analyse how such processes might unfold as a result of a more static or dynamic interaction between the autistic individual and the organisation. Ultimately, my research seeks to understand how we can move from stigmatisation (both exploring public and structural stigma) to de-stigmatisation (by removing barriers and providing the right support). As I move into data collection stage, I will be conducting a phenomenological case study, that will focus on the lived employment experiences of autistic individuals.