PGR seminar 'Organizing for a Circular Economy: Internal Activism and Organizational Boundaries in SMEs

SITE (Science, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship)

Speaker:Chia-Hao Ho
Date: Wednesday 12 May 2021
Time: 10:30
Location: Via Microsoft Teams (Link via

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Circular Economy (CE) is gaining growing public significance whilst also becoming a burgeoning field of research. However, the CE literature is still rather under-socialized, focusing mainly on technical solutions and failing to grasp social change and organizational dynamics. Adopting a multiple-case design, this research selected 12 Small-and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Cornwall. The analysis of the findings extends the conventional understanding of business organizational boundaries in two ways. First, it highlights the role of agency by exploring various forms of CE internal activism. Second, by drawing on insights from organization studies, it explores the relationship between internal activism and four distinct conceptions of CE business organizational boundaries based on efficiency, power, competence, and identity. This contributes to CE literature highlighting different organizational logic and distinct forms of business internal activism that can open new avenues for future research.