Exeter Sustainable Finance Centre: Positive tipping points to avoid climate tipping points


Speaker:Tim Lenton , Global System Institute
Date: Thursday 13 May 2021
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Location: Online via Zoom (link available from

Further details

Tipping points in climate science normally refer to small changes in the Earth system that unleash much broader, typically damaging impacts that accelerate climate change. The best-known examples are rising sea levels due to disintegration of the Greenland and West Antarctica ice sheets, or the release of methane deposits from the thawing Siberian permafrost. In this seminar, Tim will summarise recent evidence regarding climate tipping points, which supports declarations that we are in a ‘climate emergency’. He will show his latest results identifying a human climate niche and projecting how it will move in the future. Then he will turn to identifying positive social tipping points that will need to be triggered to have any hope of limiting global warming to well below 2C.