SITE PGR seminar: 'The Adoption of the Circular Economy: A Case of Assessing Policy-Oriented Learning

SITE (Science, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship)

Speaker:Josep Pinyol Alberich, University of Exeter
Date: Wednesday 28 April 2021
Time: 10:30
Location: Microsoft Teams link available from

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The Circular Economy was adopted in the EU though the Circular Economy Action Plan of 2015. This research uses the circular economy to understand how policy learning works by using qualitative analysis. The preliminary results had been obtained by coding all the interventions in the debate about the adoption of the first Circular Economy Action Plan, and in 2021, in the debate after the adoption of the second Circular Economy Action Plan (European Parliament). As a result, I observed that there have been significant changes in the narratives among the Members of the European Parliament on the issue of the Circular Economy that indicate that there has been policy learning on the issue of the circular economy. My next challenge now will be analysing the existing discourses, and what provoked this change at the EU institutions.