Management virtual Research Seminar: Daily learning: How active jobs and proactivity combine to foster feedback-seeking and mastery


Speaker:Francesco Cangiano, Bond University, Australia
Date: Thursday 9 July 2020
Time: 13:30 - 14:30
Location: Microsoft Teams

Further details

In this diary study, we examined feedback-seeking behaviour from a day-level perspective, considering how situational factors influence the extent to which employees seek feedback from co-workers and supervisors. Drawing upon the job demand-control model, we hypothesized that feedback-seeking would be more likely on ‘active’ days (high in control and demands). However, consistent with trait-activation theory, we theorized that proactive personality would be a cross-level moderator of this within-person effect, such that the likelihood of seeking feedback on these active days would be stronger for individuals high in proactive personality. In turn, we predicted that feedback-seeking behaviour would increase employees’ self-efficacy the next day. We tested the proposed model with a sample of managers in Australia. Results of multilevel analyses provided partial support for the hypothesized model, showing a significant interaction of daily control and time pressure in predicting feedback-seeking behaviour. No significant indirect effects on next-day mastery were found. However, proactive personality was a significant cross-level moderator of the effect of daily control and demands on mastery via feedback-seeking. These findings provide insights into the factors shaping daily employee feedback-seeking and its consequences on employees’ level of confidence.