SITE Department Paper Development Session 'Understanding Visitor Experience at Cultural Heritage Sites using Text Analytics'


Speaker:Pikakshi Manchanda, University of Exeter
Date: Wednesday 20 March 2019
Time: 10:30
Location: Amory B105

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The proliferation of digital content on the Internet has led to new opportunities in the field of Information Extraction and Natural Language Processing. A huge portion of this content is published by end users on social media platforms (such as Twitter, Facebook, TripAdvisor etc.). Analysis of such content using innovative methodologies such as Text Analytics can provide rich meaningful insights that can be utilised by organisations to identify target audiences and make informed business decisions.


The aim of this talk is to initiate a conversation and discuss research strategies around using unstructured (and, often, unsolicited) data to obtain intelligence on visitor feedback at Cultural Heritage sites. The talk focuses on qualitative analysis of visitor (textual) feedback data in order to understand visitor sentiment and preferences for enhancement of future visitor experience at CH sites.