CSAM Seminar: Transforming strategic and operational management through analytics


Speaker:Prof. Lampros Stergioulas , Professor in Business Analytics - University of Surrey
Date: Thursday 3 May 2018
Time: 11:30-12:30
Location: Building:One Kolade Teaching Room

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The data revolution is transforming the way businesses and organisations operate and is attracting the attention of both practitioners and academics in management and business. This talk aims at examining the potential of using analytics in business and management, and presenting recent work on tools and methods for decision support and system modelling and evaluation, spanning management areas of sustainability, strategy and innovation with applications mainly in healthcare and urban living. Following a brief overview of the role of Data Analytics in modern management, results of multiple research studies  will be presented, focusing on transforming business operations and strategic & operational management through data analytics. The capacity of data modelling & analytics to generate innovation in businesses, organisations and larger social systems (e.g "Smart Cities") will be discussed, with examples from areas including: designing and supporting sustainable Supply Chains; systemic impact evaluation tools; data analytics tools for planning, modelling and simulation in large/complex systems (such as healthcare systems, urban environments, circular economies etc.); data-driven sustainable innovation to exploit the generative potential of urban living environments and new ways to foster innovations by enterprises, start-up companies, public authorities and agencies, and other urban stakeholders. The potential of analytics for supporting strategic and operational decision making and evaluation, as well as managing sustainability and innovation will be discussed, along with key challenges and future opportunities.