CSAM Seminar: Healthcare Analytics @ Westminster: Impact with Hurdles


Speaker:Professor Thierry Chaussalet, University of Westminster
Date: Thursday 15 March 2018
Time: 09:30-10:30
Location: Building One Matrix Lecture Theatre

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Health Operational Research (OR) and Analytics, the sciences of doing “more with less” and of “analysis” of complex systems have been for years very productive academic research areas. However they are yet to be routinely used in the health services, perhaps with some exceptions which include the recent rise of predictive risk modelling.

There are many barriers to wider adoption of OR and analytics in the health sector, often related to time, data, capacity, and politics, as noted in several studies conducted for instance by MASHnet and the Cumberland Initiative.

This talk will present some of the contracted work done recently or currently by the Health and Social Care Modelling Group at the University of Westminster from NHS activity forecasting to Care home performance monitoring with view to reflect on the barriers these projects have had and the impact they have made or are likely to make.

While many barriers exist and will continue to do so, overall the impact glass should be seen as half full rather than half empty. There are also encouraging signals coming from healthcare leaders, data and technology, as well as initiatives such as PLETHORA (M. Pitt, MASHnet, funded by Health Foundation), which add to the positive outlook.



After receiving a PhD from North Carolina State University (USA) in Probability and Stochastic Processes, Thierry started his career in the UK as a lecturer in Decision Sciences. With a growing interest in modelling health and social care, he co-founded in 1998, with a highly respected geriatrician Professor Peter Millard, the Health and Social Care Modelling Group at the University of Westminster. In 2007, he became Professor of Healthcare Modelling. His research interests lie in the development and application of operational research and analytics techniques to improve healthcare management.

Thierry serves on the Editorial Board of various health services research and modelling journals including Health Care Management Science and BMC Health Services Research, and has edited several special issues of internationally recognised journals. He is member of the NIHR Peer Preview panel, was member of the EPSRC Peer Review College 2006-16 and expert evaluator for the EU FP7 ICT programme. Keen promoter of the use of modelling and simulation for the management of healthcare, he is also Chair of the Operational Research Health and Social Services Special Interest Group, and founding member of the Cumberland Initiative, and MASHnet, the UK network for Modelling And Simulation in Healthcare.