Building Global Network Capabilities for Value Creation


Speaker:Dr Yufeng Zhang , Centre for Industrial Sustainability, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge
Date: Thursday 6 April 2017
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Location: Building One Kolade Teaching Room

Further details

This seminar will explore emerging trends and leading practices of value creation in complex business networks.   Key research issues will be discussed in the wider context of high value engineering (HVE) and the Europe-China High Value Engineering Network (EC-HVEN) project supported by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union, An analytical framework underpinning new explorations for building global network capabilities will be introduced by drawing together essential elements of accessing network resources, coordinating networked activities, and supporting network learning (details see the attached JOM paper focussing on Global Engineering Services). The discussions will be ramped up by suggesting directions for future research within a comprehensive research agenda set by the forthcoming book- Creating Value through Engineering Excellence: Building Global Network Capabilities.


Yufeng Zhang is a Senior Lecturer in Operations Management at the Business School of the University of Birmingham, UK. Yufeng had an earlier industrial career with responsibilities for project management and new business development, and continues to work very closely with industry aiming to help companies cope with challenges and opportunities in managing complex global engineering networks. He has researched and published in the areas of engineering management, network operations, international manufacturing, technology management and innovation.