Claiming the Corner Office: Female CEO Careers and Implications for Leadership Development

Organisation Studies

Speaker:Tim Morris, University of Oxford
Date: Wednesday 1 February 2017
Time: 2:30
Location: Bateman Lecture Theatre

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Drawing on evidence from a unique dataset of in-depth qualitative interviews with 12 female CEOs (and 139 male CEOs) of global corporations we explore what enables some women to become CEOs. Drawing on our data from male and female CEOs, we set the scene by comparing the advice they would give to young women as they start their careers. We then focus the rest of our paper on the experiences and career trajectory of these 12 female CEOs. We make three theoretical contributions: We identify, at the individual level, how women can take active ownership of their careers as part of a self-acceptance process; how they can embrace gynandrous leadership as part of a self-development process where both feminine and masculine leadership behaviours are embraced with the feminine being dominant to help move beyond gender stereotypes and finally, how they translate leadership –rather than combine- gender-based behaviors as part of a self-management process to develop their unique leadership style.



Tim has been a professor of management studies at Saïd Business School for fifteen years. Before taking up his role at Oxford, Tim was a professor at Imperial College, London, and at London Business School. He studied as an undergraduate at Cambridge University and has a masters and doctorate from the London School of Economics. 

Much of his research concerns the organization, management and innovation in professional service firms and processes of institutional change. Other recent research examines how chief executives of large corporations develop the skills to lead and how this influences the way they carry out their work.

He has published extensively in leading international journals, including Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies and Human Relations as well as authoring several books and numerous chapters in collected editions. He is a member of Saïd Business School’s Professional Service Firms Hub and for several years was a Project Director in Oxford University’s Centre for Corporate Reputation.