Embedding the Circular Economy

Research Cluster

Speaker:Professor Frank Boons, The University of Manchester - Sustainable Consumption Institute
Date: Friday 9 December 2016
Time: 14:00
Location: XFI Seminar Room A

Further details

Sustainability and Circular Economy Research Cluster Seminar The circular economy has emerged as an influential concept to address questions of resource efficiency. While it has already proven powerful in terms of energizing practitioners, a critical analysis reveals limitations in its current use. The seminar provides insight into these, focusing on (1) the relationship between circular economy and sustainable development, and (2) the lack of attention given to the organizational and institutional requirements for establishing a circular economy. Following the seminar there will be opportunities to explore possibilities of future collaboration with Professor Frank Boons, for instance in applying for grants, and in particular a forthcoming consortium bid to the EU Marie Curie Innovation Network programme which supports PhD research opportunities. Refreshments will be provided. For further information please contact Frank has worked as an economic sociologist in the field of environmental sciences for over 20 years, and is currently associate editor of the Journal of Industrial Ecology (for the topic Business and Environment), as well as subject editor for the Journal of Cleaner Production (for the topic Governance of material and energy flows). In his current research, Frank Boons seeks to provide a deeper understanding of processes of innovation of where sustainability is contested. He conceptualizes innovation in practices of consumption and production as an embedded phenomenon, but rather than studying systems of innovation, he is interested in the processual quality of sustainable innovation. He studies longitudinal cases in different settings, including the sustainable development of regional industrial clusters, the regeneration of urban areas, the evolution of sectors of industry, and the development of sustainable business models. For more see