A life span development approach to consumption

Organisation Studies

Speaker:Dr Brian Young, The University of Exeter
Date: Friday 11 November 2016
Time: 3:30pm
Location: Streatham Court B

Further details

In this presentation I intend to argue that the scope of consumer psychology needs to be approached in a rigorous and structured way in order to do justice to the various dimensions on which people differ. My own area of child and youth consumption is often treated as consisting of a series of problems that adults don’t have such as the child’s immature executive function and lack of comprehension of advertising. Adopting a life-span development approach as only one dimension among many others will illuminate and clarify the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to human consumption practices across age, history and cultures. I shall illustrate this talk with examples drawn from my own teaching and research as well as providing a brief outline of a future book on the subject which should appear in 2017-18.