‘Matching Workers to Firms: Can an agency increase employment?’ and 'Two lessons from the 2007 CIT and the 2008 PIT Flat Tax reforms using Bulgarian National Revenue Agency administrative data: Tax Gap Reduction & Expat influx’

Research Cluster

Speaker:Surajeet Chakravarty and Stanley Gyoshev, University of Exeter
Date: Thursday 17 November 2016
Time: 1.30 pm
Location: Pearson Teaching room

Further details

We are pleased to announce the first Brown Bag Workshop of the Economic Policy (EP) sub theme of the Business, Institutions and Policy Cluster. The idea behind the workshop is not so much about presenting complete papers but rather about giving the broad picture of the idea/topic colleagues are working on. During the first workshop, there will be two short presentations, one by Surajeet Chakravarty and one by Stanley Gyoshev, followed by a discussion.