OIT: The Blood Supply Chain. Research and Game

Research Cluster

Speaker:Dr. Korina Katsaliaki, International Hellenic University (Greece)
Date: Thursday 13 October 2016
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Location: Building One Syndicate Room B

Further details

The Blood Supply Chain. Research and Game Abstract: This research is concerned with analysing policies for managing the blood inventory system in UK hospitals supplied by regional blood centres. The objective of the project was to improve procedures and outcomes by modelling the entire supply chain for part of this network from donor to recipient. Discrete-event simulation was used to determine ordering policies leading to a better service level and system coordination. In this seminar we describe the model, present results from the study and discuss issues that were raised about the model’s execution time and the recommended solutions based on distributed simulation. Taking this research further and with the objective of placing the learners in the position of decision-makers, we also developed the Blood Supply Chain Game. The Excel-based game is an abstraction of the technical complex simulation model of the blood supply chain providing a more appropriate learning environment. In this seminar we show an overview of the game, examples of its teaching scenarios and the learners’ game evaluation. Short bio Korina Katsaliaki is an assistant professor in Operations and Technology Management at the School of Economics and Business Administration of International Hellenic University (IHU). At IHU she is the Director of the MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management program and in the steering committee of the MSc in Management program. She is also the Director of the Consulting projects program and in collaboration with a big network of firms and NGOs. She is also the academic director of the Erasmus program at IHU. Her main teaching subjects are: Operations Management, Service Design and Tools for Business. She also teaches Healthcare Management and Decision tools at the Open University of Greece and Cyprus since 2008. Before joining IHU, Korina was a lecturer at Middlesex University as well as a part-time lecturer at the University of Southampton. She gained an MSc in Management Sciences and a PhD from the University of Southampton. Her research interests include health services research, simulation modelling methodologies and the modelling of supply chains. Dr Katsaliaki is involved in a number of research projects in the UK and the US. She is currently working with the University of San Francisco and the Zuckerberg General Hospital on a project related to the cancer care pathways. She has published more than 45 papers in international scientific journals, conference proceedings and book contributions including the Journal of the Operational Research Society, Expert systems with Applications, Scientometrics, Simulation, Health Policy, Health Policy & Planning, Health Systems, etc. Many of her articles in professional periodicals have focused on simulating supply chains of health services.