Managerial Tacit Knowledge, Individual Performance and the Moderating Role of the Employee Personality in the Malaysian Public Sector

Organisation Studies

Speaker:Halimah Abdul Manaf, Universiti Utara Malaysia
Date: Wednesday 30 September 2015
Time: 14.30 - 16.00
Location: Pearson Teaching Room, Buillding One

Further details

Given the growing importance and increasing demand to produce knowledgeable managers who are capable of generating high quality of work, this study investigates how managers in the public sector share managerial tacit knowledge with others. The main reason for sharing tacit knowledge is to develop competencies that managers can use in recognising and responding to a problem, as they hold knowing (what to do) rather than only knowledge. This paper aims to provide theoretical insights into knowledge sharing practices that can assist public managers in the development of an effective mechanism for sharing tacit knowledge by considering the interaction of personality traits. The key findings of this study build on the theory of knowledge management in the public sector.  In particular, the knowledge sharing mechanism construct explains the nature of managerial tacit knowledge of those working in management teams, who operate in complex working situations, and how they should share with each other through human or technological mechanisms.  The research findings also have management implications in revealing the personality traits of managers in local authorities that can facilitate knowledge sharing practices and managerial tacit knowledge. The implication is that management will have a better understanding of the particular types of personality that tend to share knowledge in specific programmes.