Advergames: It's not child's play


Speaker:Haiming Hang, University of Bath
Date: Friday 24 October 2014
Time: 3pm
Location: Streatham Court C

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Advertising to children continues to attract intense critical attention from public policy makers and influencers across the globe. One child-targeted digital advertising technique that has come under particularly close scrutiny is “advergames.”  This paper provides a state-of-art literature review of the impact of advergames on children. Our research suggests advergames are heavily used by food manufactures to promote low-nutrient foods. Our research further suggests children fail to understand the persuasive intents embedded in the advergames.  In addition, advergames may not influence children’s nutrition knowledge, they can bias children’s food preferences and consumption outside their awareness. The ineffectiveness of industry’s voluntary pledges further suggests new regulations may be needed to protect children being unfairly influenced. Thus, we call for more research to identify the best ways to help children cope with online game advertising.