Innovation, Governance and Affordability for a Sustainable and Secure Economy

Organisation Studies

Speaker:Catherine Mitchell, University of Exeter
Date: Wednesday 26 November 2014
Time: 2pm
Location: Streatham Court B

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The global energy system is in a time of rapid technological change, which in turn is fundamentally altering the economics of energy. This technological change is both within energy technologies, for example, solar energy, but also because the IT revolution has finally reached the operation and management of the energy system - both within networks but also markets. This is leading to two types of countries - those that are enabling, or at least not constraining, the change in energy system; and those which, for various reasons, are ignoring or attempting to constrain change in their energy systems. Catherine will describe both types of countries in terms of change (or not) for technologies, business models and customers. She argues that while constraining change may slow it down, they cannot stop it and a side product of this will be a wider loss of innovation within their economies.