Prize winners 2016/17

Prizes play an important part in recognising in a public way high levels of student achievement. For those who receive them, prizes enhance their relationship with the University, hopefully well into the future.

Management Department Merit Award - Balazs Mihalyfi

The Management Merit Award, which is given to the best undergraduate student in the discipline, essentially means to me that I made the most of my time at the university. It is difficult to believe that in three short years I managed to spend sufficient time with studying while making friends for life, pursuing my hobbies and taking part in extra-curricular activities. It feels amazing that after long years of being second and third best in everything, I eventually got to be the first, and – not unimportantly – during that phase of my life that I enjoyed the most so far. read more...

Balazs Mihalyfi

Thomas Moore's Adam Smith Prize - Sam Lucas

Awarded to the best performing undergraduate final year student in Economics and Politics.

To complete my time at Exeter and win this award is vindication for the years of hard work I have put in. Often students don’t put the hard yards in until the last year, and then find it hard to make up the ground lost. Choosing to put that extra 10% in, maybe miss out of a few hockey matches, nights out or day trips to Exmouth, was a sacrifice I was willing to make for my own academic pride. However, to have an award to show for this effort and hard work makes it all the more sweet. read more...

Sam Lucas