Business School Alumni event, IBM London

A successful Business School alumni reception was recently held at IBM in London. The event was hosted by Jamie Cole, (Mathematics, 1987), Executive Partner at IBM and Professor Robin Mason, Dean of the University of Exeter Business School.

The evening provided an opportunity for recent alumni to network with those further on in their careers, to share experiences and update their knowledge. It was also a valuable chance for the School’s Industrial Placement students based in London to connect with graduates and gain insights into possible career paths.

Professor Roger Maull, Professor of Management Systems at the Centre for Innovation and Service Research, spoke about New Economic Models for the Digital Economy (NEMODE), and how data has become the new ‘oil’ of the business world. This was followed by a presentation by Jamie Cole who provided the audience with some fascinating insights into how data and data analytics are being used by innovative businesses to offer new products and services - including customised Jaguar cars!

The talks were followed by a lively discussion led by panel chair Rachi Weersinghe, Managing Partner of Gartner. Questions raised included important ethical issues, such as the privacy and ownership of data. John Lincoln (MBA, 2003) asked peoples’ views on how large amounts of data should be dealt with, and pointed out that the cost of storing the data can sometimes be more than the value derived from it!

Those interested in finding out more about NEMODE can see their website:

The Hub-of-All-Things (HAT) is holding an event for those interested in the collection and utilisation of personal data. Its inaugural Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is on at the Impact Hub, Westminster, London on Thursday 17 July 2014.  For more details visit