The School Executive

Professor Alexandra Gerbasi

Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor
Dean of the University of Exeter Business School

Professor Beverley Hawkins

Associate Dean for Education (Business School)

Professor Chendi Zhang

Associate Dean for Research and Impact (Business School)

Dr Stuart Robinson

Associate Dean for Business Engagement, Innovation and Professional Education (Business School)

Professor Bill Peng

Associate Dean for Global Engagement and Masters Programmes (Business School)

Matt Davey

Deputy Director of Faculty Operations

Jonnie Critchley

Business School Manager

Catherine Davies

Faculty and UEBS Executive Officer

Professor Brit Grosskopf

Head of Department - Economics (Business School)

Professor Stefano Pascucci

Head of Department - Management (Business School)

Professor Enrico Onali

Head of Department - Finance and Accounting (Business School)

Siobhan White

Head of Finance