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Academic staff

Professor Abhay AbhyankarProfessor of Finance, Director of Research (Finance)Xfi Building
Joanne AbrahamLecturer in Accounting and FinanceStreatham Court
Dr Gary AbrahamsLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Dr Richard AdamsNEMODE Senior Research FellowBuilding:One
Dr Inmaculada Adarves-YornoSenior Lecturer in Leadership StudiesStreatham Court
Dr Allen AlexanderSenior Lecturer in Innovation, Director of Centre for Innovation & Service ResearchStreatham Court
Professor David Bruce AllenPro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, Professor of Strategy and Business EthicsBuilding:One
Ian AndrewsLecturer in AccountingStreatham Court
Dr Jan AuerbachLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor Steffen BöhmProfessor in Organisation and SustainabilitySERSF
Jacqueline BagnallSenior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, Deputy Director One Planet MBAStreatham Court
Dr Adrian BaileySenior Lecturer in ManagementStreatham Court
Professor Dieter BalkenborgAssociate Professor of EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor Ian BatemanProfessor of Environmental Economics, Director of the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP)Lazenby Building
Professor Russell BelkHonorary Visiting Professor of MarketingStreatham Court
Dr Alan BensonSenior Lecturer in ManagementStreatham Court
Professor John BessantProfessor of Innovation and EntrepreneurshipStreatham Court
Mark BillingsSenior Lecturer in Accounting and Business HistoryStreatham Court
Dr Amy BinnerSenior Lecturer (LEEP)Lazenby Building
Mihaela BishopLecturer in MarketingStreatham Court
Professor David BougheyAssociate Dean (Education), Associate Professor in International Business HistoryStreatham Court
Professor John BurnsProfessor of Management & AccountancyStreatham Court
Dr William CaselyLecturer in ManagementStreatham Court
Professor Surajeet ChakravartyAssociate Professor in Economics, Director of Postgraduate Research Students (Economics)Streatham Court
Dr Jingnan ChenLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Dr Linquan ChenLecturer in FinanceXfi Building
Dr Angela ChristidisSenior Lecturer in Finance, Director of Education (Finance)Xfi Building
Professor Tim ColesAssociate Dean (Research), Professor of ManagementStreatham Court
Dr Joanne ConnellSenior Lecturer in Tourism ManagementStreatham Court
Dr Dudley CookeSenior Lecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor Carlos CortinhasAssociate Professor of EconomicsStreatham Court
Dr Panagiotis CouzoffLecturer in FinanceXfi Building
Dr John D'AttomaPostdoctoral Research AssociateStreatham Court
Dr Christina DargenidouSenior Lecturer in FinanceXfi Building
Dr Kaustav DasLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor James DavidsonProfessor of EconometricsStreatham Court
Katrina DavisSWEEP Impact FellowLazenby Building
Professor Brett DayProfessor of Environmental Economics, Director of the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP)Lazenby Building
Dr Lora DimitrovaSenior Lecturer in FinanceXfi Building
Dr Claire DinanSenior LecturerStreatham Court
Dr Debbie Du PreezSenior Lecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Martin EdhouseLecturer in AccountingStreatham Court
Dr Ana FernandesSenior Lecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Dr Silvia FerriniSenior Research Associate (LEEP)Lazenby Building
Dr Carlo FezziSenior Lecturer (LEEP)Lazenby Building
Professor Miguel FonsecaAssociate Professor of EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor Nicolas ForsansAssociate Professor in International Strategic ManagementBuilding:One
Dr Duccio Gamannossi degl’InnocentiPostdoctoral Research Associate (TARC)Streatham Court
Dr Pedro Garcia AresLecturer in FinanceXfi Building
Professor Alexandra GerbasiProfessor of LeadershipStreatham Court
Dr Sarah GilmoreSenior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, Director of ImpactStreatham Court
Dr Marcus GomesLecturer in Organisation Studies and SustainabilityStreatham Court
Professor Jonathan GoslingEmeritus Professor of Leadership StudiesStreatham Court
Professor Alan GregoryEmeritus Professor of Finance
Professor Brit GrosskopfProfessor of Economics, Head of EconomicsStreatham Court
Dr Stanley GyoshevLecturer in Finance, PGT Senior TutorXfi Building
Professor Richard D F HarrisProfessor of FinanceXfi Building
Professor Lisa HarrisAssociate Professor, Director of Digital LearningStreatham Court
Dr Sarah HartleySenior Lecturer in Management, Director of Postgraduate Research Students (Management Studies)Streatham Court
Professor Will HarveyProfessor of Management and Co-Director of the Centre for Leadership StudiesStreatham Court
Dr Amii HarwoodResearch Fellow (LEEP)Lazenby Building
Dr Beverley HawkinsSenior Lecturer in Leadership / Organisation Studies, Director of Education (Organisation Studies)Streatham Court
Dr Holly HendersonLecturer in Events ManagementStreatham Court
Sue HickmanLecturer in Business LawStreatham Court
Stephen HickmanSenior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, and Programme Director Business School, CornwallSERSF
Dr Ian HipkinSenior Lecturer in ManagementStreatham Court
Professor Peter HopkinsonProfessor in Circular EconomySERSF
Professor Joanne HortonProfessor of AccountingXfi Building
Professor Mickey HowardProfessor of Supply Management, Director of Research (Management)Streatham Court
Victoria HwangLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Dr Giancarlo IanulardoLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor Ilke InceogluProfessor in Organisational Behaviour & HR ManagementStreatham Court
Alex InmanSenior Research Fellow (LEEP)Lazenby Building
Professor Nazrul IslamAssociate Professor of Innovation/Entrepreneurship, Deputy Director of EducationStreatham Court
Professor Simon JamesAssociate Professor in EconomicsStreatham Court
Alex JanesSenior Lecturer in StrategyStreatham Court
Dr Emma JeanesSenior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, Head of Organisation Studies and Management StudiesStreatham Court
Dr Sally JeanrenaudHonorary Senior Research Fellow in Sustainable Development
Dr Stephen JollandsSenior Lecturer in AccountingStreatham Court
Dr Olga Kalinowska-BeszczynskaLecturer in EntrepreneurshipStreatham Court
Dr Fani KalogirouLecturer in Accounting & Finance - Education & ResearchStreatham Court
Professor Todd R KaplanProfessor of EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor Engin KaraAssociate Professor of EconomicsStreatham Court
Dr Katerina KaranikaSenior Lecturer in MarketingStreatham Court
Dr Elisa KellerLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor David KelseyProfessor of EconomicsStreatham Court
Dr Namhyun KimLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor Vicky KiosseAssociate Professor of Accounting, Director of Postgraduate Research Students (Accounting)Streatham Court
David KolitzSenior Lecturer in AccountingStreatham Court
Professor Christos KotsogiannisProfessor of EconomicsStreatham Court
Dr Sebastian KripfganzLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Aurel KucaniSenior Lecturer in Accounting & FinanceStreatham Court
Dr Pradeep KumarLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Dr Sotiris LalaounisSenior Lecturer in Marketing and Design ManagementStreatham Court
Dr Aliette LambertLecturer in MarketingStreatham Court
Claire LaversSenior Lecturer in FinanceXfi Building
Dr Allan LeeSenior Lecturer in Organisation Studies and ManagementStreatham Court
Dr Boyi LiLecturer in ManagementStreatham Court
Dr Chen V LimSenior Lecturer in Accounting, Director of Education (Accounting)Streatham Court
Dr Luke LindsayLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Dr Lorena LiuzzoPostdoctoral Research Fellow (LEEP)Lazenby Building
Professor Gilad LivneProfessor of AccountingStreatham Court
Dr Antoine MalezieuxPostdoctoral Research Associate (TARC)Streatham Court
Professor John MaloneyAssociate Professor of EconomicsStreatham Court
Dr Constantine ManolchevLecturer in ManagementSERSF
Dr Annalisa MariniResearch FellowStreatham Court
James MarksLecturer in AccountingStreatham Court
Professor Steve McCorristonProfessor of Agricultural EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor Kevin McMeekingAssociate Professor of AccountingStreatham Court
Taryn MeadMarie Curie Early Stage ResearcherBuilding:One
Dr Simone MeragliaLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor Giovanna MichelonProfessor of Accounting, Director of Research (Accounting)Streatham Court
Michele MillerSenior Lecturer in Circular EconomySERSF
Dr David MonciardiniSenior Lecturer in ManagementSERSF
Dr Gregory MorrisLecturer in Accounting and TaxationStreatham Court
Professor Gordon MurrayEmeritus Professor of Management (Entrepreneurship)Streatham Court
Dr Navonil MustafeeSenior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain ManagementXfi Building
Dr Ajit NayakSenior Lecturer in StrategyStreatham Court
Dr Julian NeiraLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Dr Anne O'BrienSenior Lecturer in Leadership StudiesStreatham Court
Professor Lynne OatsProfessor of Taxation and AccountingStreatham Court
Dr Diana OnuLecturer in Business PsychologyStreatham Court
Dr Mario PanseraResearch FellowStreatham Court
Dr Min ParkLecturer in FinanceXfi Building
Dr Andrew ParkerSenior Lecturer in Organisation StudiesStreatham Court
Dr Christine Parkin-HughesLecturer in International BusinessStreatham Court
Professor Stefano PascucciProfessor in Sustainability and Circular EconomySERSF
Dr Suzana PavicSenior Lecturer in TourismStreatham Court
Dr Bill PengSenior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, Head of AccountingStreatham Court
Dr Graham PerkinsLecturer in Human Resource ManagementStreatham Court
Dr Laura PhillipsLecturer in ManagementXfi Building
Dr Eva PoenLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor John PowellProfessor of StrategyStreatham Court
Dr Ben RamdaniLecturer in StrategyStreatham Court
Dr David ReinsteinSenior Lecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Dr Stuart RobinsonLecturer in Management, MBA DirectorStreatham Court
Dr Jack RogersSenior Lecturer in Economics, Director of Education (Economics)Streatham Court
Professor Michael RowlinsonProfessor of Management and Organisational HistoryStreatham Court
Dr Bill RussellLecturer in Management, Director of Executive EducationStreatham Court
Professor Rajiv SarinProfessor of EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor Ruth SealyAssociate Professor of Organisation Studies, Co-Director Exeter Centre for LeadershipStreatham Court
Professor Gareth ShawProfessor of Retail and Tourism ManagementStreatham Court
Dr Jane ShenSenior Lecturer in FinanceXfi Building
Dr Hrishikesh SinghaniaLecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor Andi SmartProfessor of Operations & Process Management, Director of Centre for Innovation and Service Research (ISR)Streatham Court
Dr Greg SmithResearch Fellow (LEEP)Lazenby Building
Professor Kim SoinAssociate Dean of Postgraduate Research and Doctoral College, Associate Professor of Accounting and ManagementStreatham Court
Juliette StephensonSenior Lecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor Philip SternProfessor of Marketing, Director of Research (Organisation Studies)Streatham Court
Dr Lindsay StringfellowSenior Lecturer in Marketing & Organisation StudiesStreatham Court
Dr Monika TarsalewskaSenior Lecturer in FinanceXfi Building
Stephen TaylorSenior Lecturer in Human Resource ManagementStreatham Court
Chie Min TengLecturer in AccountingStreatham Court
Dr Rajesh TharyanSenior Lecturer in Finance, Director of Postgraduate ResearchXfi Building
Nicky ThomasSenior Lecturer in Accounting, KPMG Programme DirectorStreatham Court
Dr Alexander ThompsonSenior Lecturer in Marketing, Director of Postgraduate Research Students (Organisation Studies)Streatham Court
Louise TilburyPractitioner Research Fellow
Dr Zhenxu TongSenior Lecturer in FinanceXfi Building
Dr Marwa TourkyLecturer in MarketingStreatham Court
Professor Grzegorz TrojanowskiProfessor of Finance, Director of Xfi, Head of FinanceXfi Building
Dr Alison TrueloveLecturer in Critical Practice, Academic Development Tutor, Lead TutorStreatham Court
Dr Maria TsipouridouLecturer in AccountingStreatham Court
Professor Gabriele VossebergAssociate Dean (International and Development), Associate Professor of AccountingStreatham Court
Dr Petros VourvachisVisiting Scholar in AccountingStreatham Court
Professor Pengguo WangProfessor of Finance and AccountingXfi Building
Hugh WatersResearch FellowStreatham Court
Julie WhittakerHonorary Associate Research FellowStreatham Court
Dr Cheryl WillisLecturer in ManagementStreatham Court
Dr Anthony WoodLecturer in Accounting and FinanceStreatham Court
Professor Carol WoodhamsAssociate Professor in Human Resource ManagementStreatham Court
Danielle WynneStrategic Innovation Analyst (KTP Associate)
Professor Mike YearworthProfessor of Management ScienceXfi Building
Dr Brian YoungHonorary Research Fellow
Dr Xiaohui ZhangSenior Lecturer in EconomicsStreatham Court
Professor Ben ZissimosAssociate Professor of Economics, Director of Research (Economics)Streatham Court
Laura Zuluaga CardonaAssociate Research FellowStreatham Court