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College Inclusivity Group

The University of Exeter Business School’s College Inclusivity Group has a primary function to support the University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) agenda. The College Inclusivity Groups:

  • supported and informed by 5 theme leads who each represent one of the University’s 5 equality group protected characteristics: Disability, Faith & Worldview, Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation
  • is accountable and responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction on all matters relating to EDI and discrimination affecting both staff and students with the College
  • agrees priorities, makes decisions, commissions work and guides the prioritisation of existing budgets to enable success in EDI
  • works towards increasing the representation of our underrepresented and diverse communities particularly within senior academic and professional service roles and in decision-making structures

At the University of Exeter Business School, we are committed to a truly embedded inclusive culture that runs through everything we do and represents the diverse community we are and continue to build. The objectives for the Business School are to:

  • enable students and staff to support diversity and challenge discrimination by promoting cultural change and more inclusive language
  • support colleagues by providing learning opportunities to better enable the creation of inclusive educational experiences for our students
  • enable the growth of our underrepresented and diverse communities and improving representation within senior academic and professional services role as well as in decision making structures.

UEBS-CIG membership comprises Academics, Professional Services staff and Undergraduate (UG) & Postgraduate (PG) students within our community and is further supported by external University of Exeter stakeholders. The College is committed to ensuring that diverse representation of our community is maintained.

 Oliver Young  Oliver Young
Chief Diversity Office and CIG Chair
 Rachel Griffiths  Rachel Griffiths
CIG Deputy Chair, EDI Lead and Race Theme Lead
 Dr Weihan Ding  Dr Weihan Ding
Academic Lead Racial Equality & Inclusion UG
 Dr Martha Omolo  Dr Martha Omolo
Academic Lead Racial Equality & Inclusion PG
 Nicky Thomas  Nicky Thomas
Education Strategy Rep
 Professor Alison Truelove  Professor Alison Truelove
Success for All Link
 Stuart Thomson  Stuart Thomson
HR Business Partner
 Maria Pearce  Maria Pearce
Accreditation Link
 Molly Diver  Molly Diver
CIG Support
 Becky Edmunds  Becky Edmunds

 Cleofe Board  Cleofe Board
Degree Apprenticeship Dept. Lead
 Professor Ciara Eastell OBE  Professor Ciara Eastell OBE
Management Dept. Lead
 Professor Sonia Oreffice  Professor Sonia Oreffice
Economics Dept Lead
 David Kolitz  David Kolitz
Accounting & Finance Dept. Lead
 Dr David Monciardini  Dr David Monciardini
Sustainable Futures Dept. Lead
 Dr Laura Phillips  Dr Laura Phillips
SITE Dept. Lead

 Professor Oliver Hauser  Professor Oliver Hauser
Research Theme Lead
 Dr Adrian Bailey  Dr Adrian Bailey
Faith and World View Theme Lead
 Dr Emma Jeanes  Dr Emma Jeanes
Gender Theme Lead
 Claire Lavers  Claire Lavers
Disability Theme Lead
 Alexa Webster  Alexa Webster
Sexual Orientation Theme Lead