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Sustainable Futures is an interdisciplinary department with strong collaborative links with other departments and colleges at the Penryn campus, research centres and institutes, and particularly with the Environment and Sustainability Institute, the Exeter Centre for Circular Economy (ECE), the European Centre for Environmental and Human Health (ECEHH), and the Institute of Cornish Studies. Our activities aim at co-develop knowledge and practices that can be applied in research, impact and educational programmes to support organizations and individuals, particularly looking at resilient, sustainable and regenerative development pathway. The department is a model for cross-disciplinary collaborations in order to build a vibrant and impactful research agenda. This strategies involves enhancing existing research activities and collaborations, and building new interdisciplinary opportunities in specified areas.

Current projects

Current research includes for example, Tevi which supports enterprises to become more efficient with their natural resource use, the Future focus research team helping them to realise their growth potential through innovation and a European collaboration on ecosystem services research investigating Diverfarming and crop diversification farming cross Europe.


Tevi (Cornish for ‘grow’) is a new, unique and exciting EU-funded venture which aims to do two things, simultaneously; create both economic and environmental growth in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Future Focus 2

Future Focus 2 is a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) project that provides focussed support to SMEs based in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (C&IoS) helping them to realise their growth potential through innovation.


Crop diversification and low-input farming cross Europe: from practitioners' engagement and ecosystems services to incdeased revenues and value chain organisation

Smart Line

Smart Line is gaining a better understanding of people’s health and wellbeing needs by exploring behaviours that drive those needs, and the role of the volunteer sector in community change.

Inclusivity Project

The Inclusivity Project wants to help small to medium-sized Cornish businesses gain the value of workers of different ages, abilities, and health conditions.