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Recent publications from the Department of Management

Our academic staff have written, edited and collaborated on a wide range of publications, some of our books are shown here.

Full details of staff publications can be found in individual academic profiles.

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Journal articles

Vongswasdi P, Leroy H, Shemla M, Hoever I, Khattab J (2023). Influencing diversity beliefs through a personal testimonial, promotion-focused approach. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 44(1), 1-18.  Abstract. DOI.
Singh K, Lee S, Labianca GJ, Fagan JM, Cha M (2023). Multi-Stage Machine Learning Model for Hierarchical Tie Valence Prediction. ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data, 17(6), 1-20.  Abstract. DOI.
Tilbury L, Sealy R (2023). Seen and not heard: a comparative case study of women on boards and process loss beyond critical mass. Corporate Governance: an International Review DOI.
Shrivastava U, Zantedeschi D, Jank W, Stern P (2023). The impact of increasing internet penetration on prescription choices and response to pharmaceutical detailing: a 10‐year empirical investigation. R&D Management DOI.
Methot JR, Cole MS (2023). Unpacking the Microdynamics of Multiplex Peer Developmental Relationships: a Mutuality Perspective. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT, 49(2), 606-639. Author URL. DOI.
Dragoni L, Leroy H, Peng A, Stam D (2023). Welcoming Fireside Chats to the Field of Leadership. JOURNAL OF LEADERSHIP & ORGANIZATIONAL STUDIES Author URL. DOI.
Tanjitpiyanond P, Jetten J, Peters K, Ashokkumar A, Barry O, Billet M, Becker M, Booth RW, Castro D, Chinchilla J, et al (2022). A 32‐society investigation of the influence of perceived economic inequality on social class stereotyping. European Journal of Social Psychology, 53(2), 367-382. DOI.
Gatrell C, Ladge JJ, Powell GN (2022). A Review of Fatherhood and Employment: Introducing New Perspectives for Management Research. Journal of Management Studies, 59(5), 1198-1226.  Abstract. DOI.
Tanjitpiyanond P, Jetten J, Peters K (2022). A social identity analysis of how pay inequality divides the workplace. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 136843022210745-136843022210745.  Abstract. DOI.
Salem M, Van Quaquebeke N, Besiou M (2022). Aid worker adaptability in humanitarian operations: Interplay of prosocial motivation and authoritarian leadership. Production and Operations Management, 31(11), 3982-4001. DOI.
Hall CM, Prayag G, Safonov A, Coles T, Gossling S, Koupaei SN (2022). Airbnb and the sharing economy INTRODUCTION. CURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM, 25(19), 3057-3067. Author URL. DOI.
Greenwald AG, Brendl M, Cai H, Cvencek D, Dovidio JF, Friese M, Hahn A, Hehman E, Hofmann W, Hughes S, et al (2022). Best research practices for using the Implicit Association Test. Behav Res Methods, 54(3), 1161-1180.  Abstract.  Author URL. DOI.
Heaphy ED, Poulton E, Petriglieri J, Awasty N, Baskerville Watkins M, Poulton E, Reid EM, Carlton P, Ferris L, Heaphy ED, et al (2022). Bringing to Light What’s Been Cast to the Shadows: Marginalized Relationships and Narratives at Work. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2022(1) DOI.
Sugiyama K, Ladge JJ, Bilimoria D (2022). Calling Oneself and Others In: Brokering Identities in Diversity Training. Academy of Management Journal DOI.
Agneessens F, Labianca GJ (2022). Collecting survey-based social network information in work organizations. Social Networks, 68, 31-47. DOI.
Van Quaquebeke N, Salem M, van Dijke M, Wenzel R (2022). Conducting organizational survey and experimental research online: from convenient to ambitious in study designs, recruiting, and data quality. Organizational Psychology Review, 12(3), 268-305. DOI.
Price S, Wilkinson T, Coles T (2022). Crisis? How small tourism businesses talk about COVID-19 and business change in the UK. Current Issues in Tourism, 25(7), 1088-1105. DOI.
Sahlmueller B, Van Quaquebeke N, Giessner SR, van Knippenberg D (2022). Dual Leadership in the Matrix: Effects of Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and Dual-Leader Exchange (DLX) on Role Conflict and Dual Leadership Effectiveness. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 29(3), 270-288. DOI.
Mecredy PJ, Wright MJ, Feetham PM, Stern P (2022). Empirical generalisations in customer mindset metrics. JOURNAL OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR, 21(1), 102-120. Author URL. DOI.
Coles T, Garcia G, O'Malley E, Turner C (2022). Experiencing Event Management During the Coronavirus Pandemic: a Public Sector Perspective. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 3  Abstract. DOI.
Dutt CS, Harvey WS, Shaw G (2022). Exploring the relevance of Social Exchange Theory in the Middle East: a case study of tourism in Dubai, UAE. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TOURISM RESEARCH Author URL. DOI.
Leroy H, Buengeler C, Veestraeten M, Shemla M, J. Hoever I (2022). Fostering Team Creativity Through Team-Focused Inclusion: the Role of Leader Harvesting the Benefits of Diversity and Cultivating Value-In-Diversity Beliefs. GROUP & ORGANIZATION MANAGEMENT, 47(4), 798-839. Author URL. DOI.
Hennekam S, Ladge JJ (2022). Free to be Me? Evolving Gender Expression and the Dynamic Interplay between Authenticity and the Desire to be Accepted at Work. Academy of Management Journal DOI.
Nevola F, Coles T, Mosconi C (2022). Hidden Florence revealed? Critical insights from the operation of an augmented reality app in a World Heritage City. Journal of Heritage Tourism, 17(4), 371-390. DOI.
Neerdaels J, Tröster C, Van Quaquebeke N (2022). It's (a) Shame: Why Poverty Leads to Support for Authoritarianism. Pers Soc Psychol Bull  Abstract.  Author URL. DOI.
Gerpott FH, Van Quaquebeke N (2022). Kiss‐Up‐Kick‐Down to Get Ahead: a Resource Perspective on How, When, Why, and with Whom Middle Managers Use Ingratiatory and Exploitative Behaviours to Advance Their Careers. Journal of Management Studies DOI.
Hood L, Bailey AR, Coles T, Pringle E (2022). Liminal spaces and the shaping of family museum visits: a spatial ethnography of a major international art museum. Museum Management and Curatorship, 37(5), 531-554. DOI.
(2022). List of Ad‐Hoc Reviewers for Personnel Psychology. Personnel Psychology, 75(4), 971-973. DOI.
Korman JV, Van Quaquebeke N, Tröster C (2022). Managers are Less Burned-Out at the Top: the Roles of Sense of Power and Self-Efficacy at Different Hierarchy Levels. Journal of Business and Psychology, 37(1), 151-171.  Abstract. DOI.
Maclean M, Shaw G, Harvey C, Stringer G (2022). Methodological Openness in Business History Research: Looking Afresh at the British Interwar Management Movement. The Business History Review, 96(4), 805-832. DOI.
Rees T, Green J, Peters K, Stevens M, Haslam SA, James W, Timson S (2022). Multiple group memberships promote health and performance following pathway transitions in junior elite cricket. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 60, 102159-102159. DOI.
Michelon G, Trojanowski G, Sealy R (2022). Narrative Reporting: State of the Art and Future Challenges. Accounting in Europe, 19(1), 7-47.  Abstract. DOI.
Kark R, Meister A, Peters K (2022). Now you See Me, Now you Don't: a Conceptual Model of the Antecedents and Consequences of Leader Impostorism. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT, 48(7), 1948-1979. Author URL. DOI.
Ruesch L, Tarakci M, Besiou M, Van Quaquebeke N (2022). Orchestrating coordination among humanitarian organizations. Production and Operations Management, 31(5), 1977-1996. DOI.
Luksyte A, Bauer TN, Debus ME, Erdogan B, Wu C-H (2022). Perceived Overqualification and Collectivism Orientation: Implications for Work and Nonwork Outcomes. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT, 48(2), 319-349. Author URL. DOI.
Wu C, Weisman H, Sung L, Erdogan B, Bauer TN (2022). Perceived overqualification, felt organizational obligation, and extra‐role behavior during the COVID‐19 crisis: the moderating role of self‐sacrificial leadership. Applied Psychology, 71(3), 983-1013. DOI.
(2022). Personnel Psychology Awards. Personnel Psychology, 75(4), 777-778. DOI.
Rieg J, Van Quaquebeke N, Brosi P (2022). Probing Leader Inquiry: the Differential Effect of Asking for Advice versus Help on Leader Humility. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2022(1) DOI.
Bago B, Kovacs M, Protzko J, Nagy T, Kekecs Z, Palfi B, Adamkovic M, Adamus S, Albalooshi S, Albayrak-Aydemir N, et al (2022). Publisher Correction: Situational factors shape moral judgements in the trolley dilemma in Eastern, Southern and Western countries in a culturally diverse sample. Nat Hum Behav, 6(6), 897-898. Author URL. DOI.
Wood S, Michaelides G, Inceoglu I, Niven K, Kelleher A, Hurren E, Daniels K (2022). Satisfaction with one's job and working at home in the COVID‐19 pandemic: a two‐wave study. Applied Psychology DOI.
Bago B, Kovacs M, Protzko J, Nagy T, Kekecs Z, Palfi B, Adamkovic M, Adamus S, Albalooshi S, Albayrak-Aydemir N, et al (2022). Situational factors shape moral judgements in the trolley dilemma in Eastern, Southern and Western countries in a culturally diverse sample. Nat Hum Behav, 6(6), 880-895.  Abstract.  Author URL. DOI.
Sugiyama K, Ladge J, Dokko G (2022). Stable anchors and dynamic evolution: a paradox theory of career identity maintenance and change. Academy of Management Review DOI.
Riddell H, Crane M, Lang JWB, Chapman MT, Murdoch EM, Gucciardi DF (2022). Stressor reflections, sleep, and psychological well-being: a pre-registered experimental test of self-distanced versus self-immersed reflections. Stress Health  Abstract.  Author URL. DOI.
Coles T (2022). The sharing economy in tourism and property markets: a comment on the darker side of conceptual stretching. CURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM, 25(19), 3068-3075. Author URL. DOI.
Sparr JL, Wihler A, Ellen BP, Inceoglu I, Li Z, Rieg J (2022). Uncovering the Social and Emotional Aspects of Leadership and Followership. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2022(1) DOI.
MacGowan R, Stillwell EE, Smith AN, Chawla N, Gabriel AS, Grandey AA, Sawyer K, Burke V, Ladge JJ, Little LM, et al (2022). Untold Stories of Women at Work. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2022(1) DOI.
Leroy HL, Anisman-Razin M, Avolio BJ, Bresman H, Stuart Bunderson J, Burris ER, Claeys J, Detert JR, Dragoni L, Giessner SR, et al (2022). Walking Our Evidence-Based Talk: the Case of Leadership Development in Business Schools. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 29(1), 5-32.  Abstract. DOI.
Martinescu E, Peters K, Beersma B (2022). What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Others? Evidence for the Primacy of the Horizontal Dimension of Social Evaluation in Workplace Gossip. INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, 35(1), 1-12. Author URL. DOI.
Reh S, Van Quaquebeke N, Tröster C, Giessner SR (2022). When and why does status threat at work bring out the best and the worst in us? a temporal social comparison theory. Organizational Psychology Review, 12(3), 241-267.  Abstract. DOI.
Karelaia N, Guillén L, Leroy H (2022). When being oneself is socially rewarded: Social identification qualifies the effect of authentic behavior at work. Human Relations, 75(11), 2058-2090.  Abstract. DOI.
Gläser D, van Gils S, Van Quaquebeke N (2022). With or against others? Pay-for-Performance activates aggressive aspects of competitiveness. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 31(5), 698-712.  Abstract. DOI.


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Barr S, Shaw G (2022). 14 “Getting the summer you deserve” locking-in flying to the tourist experience. In  (Ed) Low-Cost Aviation, 213-231. DOI.
Coles T, Hall CM, Duval DT (2022). A Post-disciplinary Perspective on e-Tourism. In  (Ed) Handbook of e-Tourism, 95-118. DOI.
Li S, Shaw G (2022). Creative Tourism and Creative Tourists: a Review. In  (Ed) Creative Business Education, 199-219. DOI.
van Gils S, van Quaquebeke N (2022). Ethical Leadership. In  (Ed) Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Psychology. DOI.
Wasti SA, Ersoy NC, Erdogan B (2022). I-Deals in Context: a Summary and Critical Review of I-Deals Literature Around the Globe. In  (Ed) Idiosyncratic Deals at Work, 257-307. DOI.
Ladge JJ, Humberd BK (2022). Impossible Standards and Unlikely Trade-Offs: can Fathers be Competent Parents and Professionals?. In  (Ed) Contributions to Management Science, 183-196.  Abstract. DOI.
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