Recent publications from the Department of Economics

Our academic staff have written, edited and collaborated on a wide range of publications, some of our books are shown here.

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Journal articles

Wilson KA, Davis KJ, Matzek V, Kragt ME (2019). Concern about threatened species and ecosystem disservices underpin public willingness to pay for ecological restoration. Restoration Ecology, 27(3), 513-519.  Abstract. DOI.
Davis KJ, Burton M, Rogers A, Spencer-Cotton A, Pandit R (2019). Eliciting public values for management of complex marine systems: an integrated choice experiment. Marine Resource Economics, 34(1), 1-21.  Abstract. DOI.
Kripfganz S, Schwarz C (2019). Estimation of linear dynamic panel data models with time-invariant regressors. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 34(4), 526-546.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Hauser OP, Kraft-Todd G, Rand DG, Nowak MA, Norton MI (2019). Invisible Inequality Leads to Punishing the Poor and Rewarding the Rich. Behavioural Public Policy, 1-21. Full text. DOI.
Smith GS, Day B, Binner A (2019). Multiple‑Purchaser Payments for Ecosystem Services: an Exploration Using Spatial Simulation Modelling. Environmental and Resource Economics  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Bateman IJ, Sterner T, Barbier E, van den Bijgaart I, Crepin A-S, Edenhofer O, Fischer C, Habla W, Hassler J, Johansson-Stenman O, et al (2019). Policy design for the Anthropocene. Nature Sustainability, 2, 14-21. Full text. DOI.
Jamison JC (2019). The Entry of Randomized Assignment into the Social Sciences. Journal of Causal Inference, 7 Full text. DOI.
Satterstrom P, Polzer JT, Kwan LB, Hauser OP, Wiruchnipawan W, Burke M (2019). Thin Slices of Workgroups. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 151, 104-117. Full text. DOI.
Davis KJ, Binner A, Bell A, Day B, Poate T, Rees S, Smith G, Wilson K, Bateman I (2018). A generalizable integrated natural capital methodology for targeting investment in coastal defence. Journal of Environmental Economics & Policy Full text. DOI.
Grosskopf B, Sarin R, Rentschler L (2018). An experiment on first-price common-value auctions with asymmetric information structures: the blessed winner. Games and Economic Behavior, 109, 40-64. Full text. DOI.
Chen J, Houser D (2018). Broken Promises and Hidden Partnerships: an Experiment. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Reinstein D, Riener G, Kellner C (2018). Ex-ante commitments to “give if you win” exceed donations after a win. Journal of Public Economics Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Rahwan Z, Hauser OP, Kochanowska E, Fasolo B (2018). High stakes: a little more cheating, a lot less charity. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 152, 276-295.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Steffens NK, Fonseca MA, Ryan MK, Rink FA, Stoker JI, Nederveen Pieterse A (2018). How feedback about leadership potential impacts ambition, organizational commitment, and performance. Leadership Quarterly, 29(6), 637-647.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Lindsay L (2018). Shapley Value Based Pricing for Auctions and Exchanges. Games and Economic Behavior, 108, 170-181. Full text. DOI.
Maloney J, Pickering A (2018). The Economic Consequences of Political Donation Limits. Economica, 85(339), 479-517.  Abstract. DOI.
Jachimowicz JM, Hauser OP, O'Brien JD, Sherman E, Galinsky AD (2018). The critical role of second-order normative beliefs in predicting energy conservation. Nature Human Behaviour, 2 Full text. DOI.
Fonseca M, Normann HT, Li Y (2018). Why factors facilitating collusion may not predict cartel occurrence — experimental evidence. Southern Economic Journal Full text. DOI.
Fonseca MA, Peters K (2018). Will any gossip do? Gossip does not need to be perfectly accurate to promote trust. Games and Economic Behavior, 107, 253-281. Full text. DOI.
Zissimos B (2017). A theory of trade policy under dictatorship and democratization. Journal of International Economics, 109, 85-101.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Smith GS, Day B (2017). Addressing the Collective Action Problem in Multiple-purchaser PES: an Experimental Investigation of Negotiated Payment Contributions. Ecological Economics, 144, 36-58. Full text. DOI.
Maloney J, Barkovic-Parsons, C. Hodgson R (2017). Are marginals different? Evidence from British elections, 1950-2015. Public Choice, 171 Full text. DOI.
Humphrey SJ, Lindsay L, Starmer C (2017). Consumption experience, choice experience and the endowment effect. Journal of the Economic Science Association, 3, 109-120. Full text. DOI.
Fonseca MA, Grimshaw SB (2017). Do Behavioral Nudges in Prepopulated Tax Forms Affect Compliance? Experimental Evidence with Real Taxpayers. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 36(2), 213-226. Full text. DOI.
Stroup C, Zissimos B (2017). Pampered Bureaucracy, Political Stability and Trade Integration. Review of Development Economics, 21(3), 425-450. Full text. DOI.
Chen J, Houser D (2017). Promises and lies: can observers detect deception in written messages. Experimental Economics, 20(2), 396-419.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Cole M, Davies R, Kaplan TR (2017). Protection in Government Procurement Auctions. Journal of International Economics, 106, 134-142.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Blattman C, Jamison JC, Sheridan M (2017). Reducing Crime and Violence: Experimental Evidence from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Liberia. American Economic Review, 107(4), 1165-1206. Full text. DOI.
ZISSIMOS B, WOUTERS J (2017). US–Shrimp II (Vietnam): Dubious Application of Anti-Dumping Duties – Should Have Used Safeguards. World Trade Review, 16(02), 183-201. Full text.
Chakravarty S, Kelsey D (2016). Ambiguity and Accident Law. Journal of Public Economic Theory Full text.
Chen J, Houser D, Montinari N, Piovesan M (2016). Beware of popular kids bearing gifts: a framed field experiment. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 132, 104-120.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Choo CYL, Fonseca MA, Myles GD (2016). Do students behave like real taxpayers in the lab? Evidence from a real effort tax compliance experiment. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 124, 102-114. Full text. DOI.
Kelsey D, Roux S (2016). Dragon Slaying with Ambiguity: Theory and Experiments. Journal of Public Economic Theory Full text. DOI.
Gonçalves R, Fonseca MA (2016). Learning through Simultaneous Play: Evidence from Penny Auctions. Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 25(4), 1040-1059. Full text. DOI.
Goeree JK, Lindsay L (2016). Market design and the stability of general equilibrium. Journal of Economic Theory, 165, 37-68.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Kripfganz S (2016). Quasi–maximum likelihood estimation of linear dynamic short-T panel-data models. Stata Journal, 16(4), 1013-1038.  Abstract.  Full text.
Chakravarty S, Fonseca MA, Ghosh S, Marjit S (2016). Religious Fragmentation, Social Identity and Conflict: Evidence from an Artefactual Field Experiment in India. PLOS ONE, 11(10), e0164708-e0164708. Full text. DOI.
Chakravarty S, Fonseca MA, Ghosh S, Marjit S (2016). Religious fragmentation, social identity and cooperation: Evidence from an artefactual field experiment in India. European Economic Review, 90, 265-279.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Lamb A, Green R, Bateman I, Broadmeadow M, Bruce T, Burney J, Carey P, Chadwick D, Crane E, Field R, et al (2016). The potential for land sparing to offset greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. Nature Climate Change, 6(5), 488-492. Full text. DOI.
Hauser OP, Hendriks A, Rand DG, Nowak MA (2016). Think global, act local: Preserving the global commons. Scientific Reports, 6(1) Full text. DOI.
Fonseca MA, Chakravarty S (2015). Discrimination via Exclusion: an Experiment on Group Identity and Club Goods. Journal of Public Economic Theory DOI.
Maloney J, Pickering A (2015). Voting and the economic cycle. Public Choice, 162(1), 119-133.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Kurz T, Thomas WE, Fonseca MA (2014). A fine is a more effective financial deterrent when framed retributively and extracted publicly. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 54, 170-177.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Chakravarty S, Fonseca MA, Kaplan TR (2014). An Experiment on the Causes of Bank Run Contagions. European Economic Review, 72, 39-51. Full text.
Hauser OP, Rand DG, Peysakhovich A, Nowak MA (2014). Cooperating with the future. Nature, 511(7508), 220-223. Full text. DOI.
Fonseca MA, Normann HT (2014). Endogenous Cartel Formation: Experimental Evidence. Economics Letters, 125(2), 223-225. Full text.
Eichberger J, Kelsey D (2014). Optimism and pessimism in games. International Economic Review, 55(2), 483-505.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Chakravarty S, Fonseca MA (2014). The Effect of Social Fragmentation on Public Good Provision: an Experimental Study. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 53, 1-9. Full text.
Chen J, Houser D (2012). Non-human Primate Studies Inform the Foundation of Fair and Just Human Institutions. Social Justice Research, 25(3), 277-297. DOI.
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