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Recent publications from the Department of Finance and Accounting

Our academic staff have written, edited and collaborated on a wide range of publications, some of our books are shown here.

Full details of staff publications can be found in individual academic profiles.

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Lymer A, Oats L (2021). Taxation - Policy and Practice 2021/22 (28th Edition).  Abstract.
Lymer A, Oats L (2020). Taxation - Policy and Practice 2020/21 (27th Edition).  Abstract.

Journal articles

Brigham M, Kiosse PV, Otley D (2022). A structured framework to understand CSR decision-making: a case study of multiple rationales. European Management Journal DOI.
Wood GT, Onali E, Grosman A, Haider ZA (2022). A very British state capitalism: Variegation, political connections and bailouts during the COVID-19 crisis. Environment and Planning a Economy and Space Full text. DOI.
Onali E, Mascia DV (2022). Corporate diversification and stock risk: Evidence from a global shock. Journal of Corporate Finance, 72 Full text. DOI.
Kumar A, Lei Z, Zhang C (2022). Dividend sentiment, catering incentives, and return predictability. Journal of Corporate Finance, 72, 102128-102128. Full text. DOI.
De Widt D, Oats L (2022). Imagining cooperative tax regulation: Common origins, divergent paths. Critical Perspectives on Accounting  Abstract. DOI.
Rogers H, Oats L (2022). Transfer pricing: changing views in changing times. Accounting Forum, 46(1), 83-107.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Dargenidou C (2021). Capitalisation of R&D and the informativeness of stock prices: Pre- and post-IFRS evidence. The British Accounting Review Full text. DOI.
Onali E, Schaeck K, McGowan D, Danisewicz P (2021). Debtholder Monitoring Incentives and Bank Earnings Opacity. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 56, 1408-1445. Full text. DOI.
Cardillo G, Onali E, Torluccio G (2021). Does gender diversity on banks' boards matter? Evidence from public bailouts. Journal of Corporate Finance, 71  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Piaskowska D, Trojanowski G, Tharyan R, Ray S (2021). Experience Teaches Slowly: Non‐linear Effects of Top Management Teams’ International Experience on Post‐acquisition Performance. British Journal of Management DOI.
Wynter C, Oats L (2021). Knock, knock: the taxman's at your door! Practical sense, empathy games, and dilemmas in tax enforcement. Journal of Business Ethics Full text.
Onali E, Ginesti G, Cardillo G, Torluccio G (2021). Market reaction to the expected loss model in banks. Journal of Financial Stability, 100884-100884. Full text. DOI.
Beber A, Brandt MW, Cen J, Kavajecz KA (2021). Mutual fund performance: Using bespoke benchmarks to disentangle mandates, constraints and skill. Journal of Empirical Finance, 60, 74-93. Full text. DOI.
Michelon G, Trojanowski G, Sealy R (2021). Narrative Reporting: State of the Art and Future Challenges. Accounting in Europe, 19, 7-47. Full text. DOI.
Duqi A, McGowan D, Onali E, Torluccio G (2021). Natural disasters and economic growth: the role of banking market structure. Journal of Corporate Finance, 71, 102101-102101. Full text. DOI.
Oats L (2021). Section 7: Small profits rate chargeable on companies from 1 april 2023; schedule 1: Small profits rate for non-ring fence profits. British Tax Review, 2021(4), 379-380.
Brown R, Oats L (2020). Accounting profits, tax profits and unitary taxation (Revisited). British Tax Review, 2020(1), 63-81.  Abstract.
Burns J, Jollands S (2020). Acting in the public interest: Accounting for the vulnerable. Accounting and Business Research, 50(5), 507-534.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Albuquerque R, Lei Z, Rocholl J, Zhang C (2020). Citizens United vs. FEC and corporate political activism. Journal of Corporate Finance, 60, 101547-101547. Full text. DOI.
Nguyen TVH, Ahmed S, Chevapatrakul T, Onali E (2020). Do stress tests affect bank liquidity creation?. Journal of Corporate Finance, 64, 101622-101622. Full text. DOI.
Chircop J, Johan S, Tarsalewska M (2020). Does religiosity influence venture capital investment decisions?. Journal of Corporate Finance, 62, n/a-n/a.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Lubbe I, Peta Myers L, van Rooyen A (2020). Introduction to Special Issue: Challenges for Academics Educating Accounting Professionals in South Africa. South African Journal of Accounting Research, 34(2), 91-95. Full text. DOI.
Jollands S, Burns J, Milne M (2020). Lessons from a natural capital case study. Financial Management, February 2020, 56-56. Full text.
Cumming DJ, Ji S, Peter R, Tarsalewska M (2020). Market Manipulation and Innovation. Journal of Banking and Finance Full text. DOI.
Tarsalewska M (2020). Ownership and Cross-Border Patent Sales in M&A Transactions. Finance Research Letters Full text.
Kalogirou F, Kiosse PV, Pope P (2020). Pension deficits and corporate financial policy: Does accounting transparency matter?. The European Accounting Review, NA, NA-NA.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Cumming DJ, Peter R, Tarsalewska M (2020). Public-to-Private Buyouts and Innovation. British Journal of Management Full text.
Cumming D, Peter R, Tarsalewska M (2020). Public‐to‐Private Buyouts and Innovation. British Journal of Management, 31(4), 811-829. DOI.
Albuquerque R, Koskinen Y, Yang S, Zhang C (2020). Resiliency of Environmental and Social Stocks: an Analysis of the Exogenous COVID-19 Market Crash. The Review of Corporate Finance Studies, 9(3), 593-621.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Chen Y, Kumar A, Zhang C (2020). Searching for Gambles: Gambling Sentiment and Stock Market Outcomes. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 56(6), 2010-2038.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Bi X, Tang J, Tharyan R (2020). Switching due diligence auditor in Chinese mergers and acquisitions. Research in International Business and Finance, 54, 101244-101244. Full text. DOI.
Myers L (2020). The Covid-19 Pandemic, Protests and a Pedagogy of Care. Police & Practice: a Development Education Review, COVID-19 and Development Education, 13-13. Full text.


Lamb M, Oats L (2020). Taxation. In  (Ed) The Routledge Companion to Accounting History, 694-715.  Abstract. DOI.


Michelon G, Trojanowski G, Sealy R (2020). Understanding research findings and evidence on corporate reporting: an independent literature review. Financial Reporting Council,  London, Financial Reporting Council Full text.
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