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Recent publications from the Department of Finance and Accounting

Our academic staff have written, edited and collaborated on a wide range of publications, some of our books are shown here.

Full details of staff publications can be found in individual academic profiles.

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Journal articles

Brigham M, Kiosse PV, Otley D (2022). A structured framework to understand CSR decision-making: a case study of multiple rationales. European Management Journal DOI.
Wood GT, Onali E, Grosman A, Haider ZA (2022). A very British state capitalism: Variegation, political connections and bailouts during the COVID-19 crisis. Environment and Planning a Economy and Space DOI.
Onali E, Mascia DV (2022). Corporate diversification and stock risk: Evidence from a global shock. Journal of Corporate Finance, 72 DOI.
Kumar A, Lei Z, Zhang C (2022). Dividend sentiment, catering incentives, and return predictability. Journal of Corporate Finance, 72, 102128-102128. DOI.
Cieślik A, Tarsalewska M (2022). European Integration and International M&As: the Case of Poland. Journal of East-West Business  Abstract. DOI.
Burns J, Jollands S (2022). Higher Education, Management Control and the Everyday Academic. Journal of Pragmatic Constructivism, 12(1), 18-33.  Abstract.
De Widt D, Oats L (2022). Imagining cooperative tax regulation: Common origins, divergent paths. Critical Perspectives on Accounting  Abstract. DOI.
Ormeño-Pérez R, Oats L (2022). Implementing problematic tax regulation: Hysteresis and bureaucratic revolutionaries within tax administrations. The British Accounting Review, 101147-101147. DOI.
Rogers H, Oats L (2022). Transfer pricing: changing views in changing times. Accounting Forum, 46(1), 83-107.  Abstract. DOI.