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PGR Student Handbook

Off-campus and Distance-based Learning Students

Off-campus and distance-based students will only be admitted if the relevant discipline DPGR is satisfied that the applicant can meet any specific study requirements pertaining to periods of attendance at Exeter, supervision arrangements, skills training, access to appropriate library and IT facilities, and shows a commitment to devote sufficient time to study.

Off-campus and distance-based students are expected to be present on campus at least once a year for the equivalent of a minimum of one week. Students mainly visit the University to attend introductory courses and subject specific skills training. On-campus arrangements should be discussed with your supervisors when you first start, and be recorded in the Supervisory Agreement. Should your mode of attendance or on-campus plans change throughout your degree, it is your responsibility to update the supervisor agreement accordingly. 

Students are required to visit for the Annual Research Student Conferences where possible. Students are expected to either attend and give presentations in accordance with the specified requirements or give at least two research presentations at equivalent at Exeter seminars or through their partner institution in the case of split-site students. If on-campus attendance is not possible due to travel limitations, off-campus students are still expected to engage with events through online platforms, such as Teams or Zoom.

International students visiting the University should discuss their immigration status with the International Student Advice Office.

Off-campus applicants are expected to commit the same time to their studies as an on-campus student over the course of a calendar year. For full time students, this is equal to 35 hours per week over 44 weeks per annum, in the case of those intending to study on a full-time basis, and the pro-rata equivalence of students on part time variations. 

For information on the provisions in University Codes of Practice and Statements of Procedures please refer to the PGR Handbook, Chapter 2 - Admission of students to a research degree programme under off-campus arrangements.

Business School Code of Practice

All provisions in the Code of Practice fully apply for off-campus students except in respect of the following sections of the Code. Although alternative arrangements or requirements may apply in respect of these sections, the principles in these sections of the Code must be adhered to:

  • Students will receive, or be directed to, induction material relevant to off-campus study by email to their Exeter email address.
  • If a personal meeting between the student and the supervisor(s) is not possible then the supervisor(s) will contact the student via email to arrange for the initial supervision using Microsoft Teams, Skype, or a suitable alternative. A supervision agreement and a training needs analysis must be completed and reviewed annually.
  • If a personal meeting between the student and the PGR pastoral tutor is not possible, the PGR pastoral tutor will contact the student via email for an initial discussion using skype, video conferencing or a suitable alternative.
  • Students shall take, if available, online versions of the University’s Researcher Development Programme sessions, and any discipline-specific research training, as advised by their supervisor. They are required to attend any discipline-specific research seminars that are running whenever they are in attendance the University.
  • Students are expected either to attend and give presentations in accordance with the specified requirements or to give at least two research presentations at equivalent university seminars or, in the case of split-site students admitted to the University through a partner institution, to give two presentations to an academic audience organised by the partner institution and attended by the student’s supervisors.

Distance based students are expected to attend the same number of supervision meetings as if they were on campus. This is a minimum of 10 meetings throughout the year, evenly spaced, for full time students. Distance based students are expected to respond to emails and send their supervisors the work that they have completed in good time, and maintain regular contact with the College and the PGR Support Team. Distance based students should expect the same level of input, direction and support from their supervisor that they would receive if they were based on campus.

In the case of split-site applicants being considered for admission through a partner institution, study and attendance requirements will be specified in the agreement between the College and the partner institution.