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PGR Student Handbook

Change of Status

Mode of attendance, interruptions, extensions, withdrawals, continutation status

There are occasions when students wish to change the status of their registration in order to respond to changes in personal circumstances, you must discuss any changes with your supervisor before submitting a request. The PGR Support team and College Director of Postgraduate Study will consider all requests and facilitate requested changes where appropriate. Information and forms are available from the PGR Support team, or MyPGR as appropriate, and in the University’s Statement of Procedures: Periods of Registration and Changes to Registration Status for Graduate Research Students. 

Requests to change from full-time to part-time status (or vice versa or between part time variants) will be considered on their merits by the PGR Support team. In some cases the PGR Support team, or your supervisors, might also recommend a change of status if it is agreed with your supervisor and discipline DPGRs think that it is to your benefit. 

Please note that any request to change mode of attendance will only be considered if the change will result in a change to your maximum period of study, once the relative equivalence has been calculated. Therefore requests to change from full-time to part-time (or vice versa or between part time variants) will not normally be considered after three years of full-time study or the pro-rata equivalent. 

Requests to change your mode of attendance must be discussed with your supervisor(s) and if supported will then be considered by the College Director of Postgraduate Research.  Please note:  if you are a research council funded student, there may be restrictions on the number of times that you can change your mode of attendance, please check with the PGR Support Team before submitting any such requests.

International Students only  In most situations, students will need to apply for a new Student visa in order to change to part-time study. If you are in the UK on a non-Student visa, you are unlikely to be limited in the same way. To discuss your particular situation, contact the International Student Support team for detailed advice. Changes to mode of attendance requests will be reviewed and approved by the University’s Immigration Compliance team and you will be informed of the immigration implications before any changes take affect. Please note that this rule does not apply to students changing to continuation status.