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PGR Student Handbook

The Business School Buildings and Facilities (including PGR study space)

Study Space in Exeter

The Business School's PGR Study Space is in the PGR Centre in Hope Hall. Hope Hall has a large number of study desks, hot-desks, kitchen and shower facilities and is accessed only by Business School PGR Students.  

We aim to provide all full-time, campus-based research students with a desktop computer, for their use during their registration at Exeter which are located in Hope Hall. Designated desks are only available to full-time, campus based students who do not have access to a desk in their discipline. Students who are not based on campus, and part time students are not guaranteed a designated desk.  In some cases a student can request a laptop. These must be formally requested through the School with a legitimate reason as to why you need a laptop. If you wish to apply for a designated desk, then you will need to email the PGR Support Team, stating that you will use the desk on a full-time basis.

Two specialist database computers (Bloomberg and Datastream Financial Databases) are available in Hope Hall (for database use only). 

Students are expected to vacate their desk after submitting their thesis amendments to their examiners. Once a student has submitted their thesis, the desk must be vacated within 2 weeks. 

Study Space Etiquette  

All users of the PGR study Space are expected to follow the PGR Study Space Policy 2021/2

The study rooms are quiet and professional working spaces and should be treated as such. We expect all students to be mindful and respectful to others who use the space and how others may prefer to work. The study rooms are quiet working spaces where conversation and noise should be kept to a minimum (earphones should be used for listening to music and videos). There are common areas outside of the study rooms for discussions with your follow researchers. 

If you have any concerns or questions about the study spaces, please inform the PGR Support Team 

Alternative Study Spaces

Facilities for students are also available in some disciplines and notably there are bookable desks specifically for PGRs in the Old Library. 

The Research Commons is based in the Old Library on Streatham Campus. There is also a large reading room with bookable study desks, and lockers, multi-media seminar room, cafe-style break out space and outdoor terrace.

Hope Hall Lockers

Lockers are available. Please contact PGR Support Team for further information.

Cornwall Campus

Facilities are available within each department. Students should contact the Penryn PGR Support Team to arrange access to these facilities.

If you have any IT issues you can contact SID 

The Business School has a dedicated IT Team to help with all you IT issues and requests. To contact the UEBS IT Team, please log a call with the Student Information Desk (SID), for the attention of the UEBS IT Team.

Specialist Software

The school has a range of specialist software for students to use in their studies. There are also other packages which students can buy at reduced rate from Academic Services if they want to. Details of frequently used software packages and how to install them are provided online.

IT Account access after Graduation

Your IT account will continue for a year after graduation but certain services may no longer be available; for example borrowing books from the Library and Electronic Library Access.

For this period following your graduation we may use your University email address to contact you regarding such things as events and activities at Exeter, opportunities for reunions and student surveys. Please note we do not provide alumni email accounts.

IT Account access during interruption

You will retain full access to your IT account and systems during periods of interruption, however, you are not expected to study during interruption so if you have an allocated desk in Hope Hall, it may be offered to another student in your absence. We endeavour to provide a desk upon your return to study, although cannot guarantee that you will return to your original desk. 

IT Access after withdrawal

Your IT access will be cut off effective from the date of your withdrawal. If you have data that you need to download from your IT account, you must contact SID to request for your access to be extended by one week. 

The Business School provides free printing, photocopying and scanning for all postgraduate research students based on campus on any of the student print stations across the University. The printer code in Hope Hall is 7520. Please note the copyright rules displayed by all photocopiers. 

While this will be free at source please be aware that the College will be charged for your printing, photocopying and scanning and we therefore expect you to be sensible with your use of these facilities, for both economic and environmental reasons. Usage will be monitored and if your printing is deemed to be excessive then you may be asked to cover some of these costs.

The Business School does not cover funding for printing off-campus or for specialist document printing using a print service. 

The Business School is housed in four buildings on the Streatham Campus: Streatham Court, XFi, Building:One and Hope Hall.

Streatham Court, Building:One and XFi are open 08:00-18:00. You are able to enter the buildings outside of these hours using your University ID cards and personal identification codes via the keypads by the external doors. Access to the Buildings will be arranged for you during your induction week.

The Hope Hall PGR Centre is usually 24 hour access, but access has been limited to 8am - 6pm since the Covid-19 pandemic, and limited weekend opening. The opening times will be extended in due course. We would like to thank you for your patience during this time as we prioritise the safety of our students and staff.

If you experience difficulty accessing any of the buildings using your UniCard, please email the PGR Support Team.

Business School buildings and facilities are also avai;able on the Penryn campus. For further information, contact the Cornwall PGR Support Team.

The School recognises its responsibility to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for staff and students alike. It operates a Health and Safety policy in accordance with the University’s Health and Safety Policy

The premises are inspected at regular intervals to identify areas for improvement and implement any new measures required. Anything considered to be a health or safety hazard should be reported to the PGR Support Team.

Smoking Policy

All Business School buildings are designated no smoking areas, and this includes e-cigarettes.

The Business School SharePoint site has key forms, links, newsletters and additional information relating specifically to postgraduate study and the Business School. Access is via your ID and password.