Varun Chandan

BSc Business

There were a number of factors that appealed to Varun about studying at the Penryn campus – from the focus on sustainability on the BSc Business course, to the appealing location and the numerous opportunities to network and develop yourself.

“I was very aware of Exeter’s high rankings in relation to business courses and they have a good international reputation. Coming from India, I recognised the quality of teaching on offer, and particularly liked having the opportunity to be based in Cornwall, which I personally believe offers a lot, not only in terms of the infrastructure and climate, but also the abundance of business opportunities. Several major companies operate from the region, and there is significant potential for entrepreneurial growth.

This is a general business programme, so we are given exposure to a wide spectrum of subjects and have a lot of flexibility in our second and third years to focus in on the areas we are most interested in. There’s a special emphasis on sustainability running through the course, a very modern approach to business teaching, and plenty of opportunity to gain practical experience of working in a business. For example, in our first year, we all do a compulsory internship with a third sector organisation, and then further placements within any sector in our second and third years as well.

As an international student, I have been impressed by the level of support available, both before I came, when I was given help with my visa, and since I arrived here, in terms of general administrative support, which is of an excellent quality.

Another thing that’s impressed me is the wide array of opportunities open to us, both through and outside the course. I was fortunate to be one of seven students to be selected to attend the local Hub Business Awards recently, where we were able to network and connect with local business people. While there, I met a very successful entrepreneur who said he would be happy to act as a personal mentor to me – so I’m now receiving extra business advice and support through him, in addition to the excellent careers support available to us through the Business School itself.

Overall, the huge opportunities for self-development and networking, together with the excellent facilities, experienced teaching staff and fantastic environment, make this a great place to study business. I’m very happy to be here and am looking forward to gaining a solid base of business knowledge that I can then take with me onto my postgraduate studies and into my career.”