Tereza Pusca

BSc Economics with Industrial Experience

Tereza has thrown herself into life at Exeter and taken advantage of lots of different opportunities.

“I knew I wanted to come to a campus university as I liked the idea of everything being on your doorstep. At Exeter you don’t have to walk very far to get to anything and I love the fact that it’s a university town and that no day goes past without bumping into at least a dozen people you know.

If I think about what I really like about studying here, it’s a combination of things, from the facilities to the societies to the high quality of teaching. At the moment I’m especially enjoying my Economics of Financial Crisis module with Gary Abrahams, which is useful for me as I am going into banking after I graduate. It is great to have a lecturer who has been working in the industry for so long, and the module has encouraged me to really think about ethics, morals and the causes of the crash, and I’m sure what I am learning will stick with me for life.

In terms of the support available to you at the Business School, there’s a personal tutor system, so you always feel you have someone to talk to about any queries you may have. My tutor Juliette Stephenson always makes time for me to come and talk to her and gives great advice on a whole range of academic and employability issues. The lecturers are also generally very good at answering any queries about lectures, even when sending them an email the day before an exam, so you definitely feel like they care about teaching you.

There’s plenty going on in terms of sports and societies as well, which makes studying here a lot of fun. I have been part of several athletics clubs including snow sports and cheerleading – and it’s a good way to meet people and feel part of the community here.

One of the other things that drew me to Exeter was the placement programme, and I was fortunate to secure an industrial placement with HM Treasury in my third year. I had the chance to work with George Osborne personally and attended debates at the House of Commons – being really interested in politics, that was quite a highlight. I have since secured a job at Goldman Sachs, helped I am sure by my placement experience, and also the summer internship I did subsequently at the investment bank Nomura. Exeter is one of only a few of the top universities that offers this placement scheme and it’s a good way to make yourself stand out.

Finally, it’s worth taking advantage of the option to take another subject outside of your degree. I studied Chinese, which I’ve really enjoyed, and it’s another example of all the different opportunities open to you at Exeter that are there for the taking.”