Sam Bedlow

BSc in Economics and Politics

Sam has taken full advantage of the opportunities on offer at the Business School – and created plenty of his own as well.

“I’ve always been someone who has lots of ideas and isn’t worried about putting them forward. What’s been fantastic is that the Business School has been very receptive to that – which means that alongside my studies, I’ve been able to get involved in a variety of different projects.

As well as representing the School as a student ambassador, I’ve negotiated sponsorship to complete the Investment Management Certificate, a professional finance qualification which will add extra value to my CV. I am helping to set up the Exeter Student Equity Fund, a new society aimed at investing funds from sponsors in the stock market, and I have also negotiated a budget to send two Exeter undergraduates to the world’s largest student investment conference. As I see it, if you have an idea, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask someone for help. I would never have achieved anything if I hadn’t had the courage to ask.

I’m studying a combination of Economics and Politics in my degree, and what I like most about my course is that it explores the interplay between the two. In modules such as Public Finance, and State and Economy, we examine the economics of the situation but then see how that plays out in government policy formation. I think the relationship between Economics and Politics is particularly relevant given the present state of the world, which makes it a very exciting area to be studying right now.

With regards to the quality of the teaching at Exeter, the passion the professors have for their subjects is very evident. In particular John Maloney, Simon James and Afshin Shahi have made an impact on me for a number of reasons. Firstly, the knowledge of their respective subject areas. Secondly, their unique styles of lecturing, which are always very entertaining to go to, even if the subject matter can be a tad dry. Lastly, their commitment to you doing well and supporting you through their course – they always respond to emails quickly and are more than happy to schedule time to see you.

John Maloney was also happy to give me a reference for my internship with Santander Corporate Banking, Risk. I did that in the summer after my first year and that lead to a second internship a year later with Santander Global Banking and Markets, Operations. I’m currently looking for a third placement for after I graduate, and have been successful in securing numerous assessment centres.  After that, I’ve decided to stay on here to study the MSc in Finance and Investment.

I feel particularly excited about the School’s rising reputation, that in several years this will be one of the UK’s elite business schools. It’s already very good but will only appreciate in value in the years to come.”