Ina Jha

BSc Business Economics

Ina has particularly appreciated the support of the staff at the Business School and the flexibility of her course, both of which have helped her to get the most out of her degree.

“What’s great about the Business School is that it offers a wide variety of courses, which are mostly very flexible, whereas at the other top 10 universities I looked at, the course structures were generally quite rigid. At Exeter, I have been able to tailor my course to fit my needs and this is something which has motivated me to work at my best throughout my course.

A lot of the modules I take focus on practical issues, putting learning into the context of the real world, which is extremely useful in preparing for a future career. I would like to go into the world of Investment Banking, which is heavily focused on real life current affairs, and I believe my course has been preparing me well for this from the outset.

Since I began university, I have been thoroughly impressed with the facilities at the Business School, particularly the countless work spaces for students, from conference rooms and cafés to lecture theatres and lounge spaces. The rooms are also very useful when preparing for presentations as almost all are equipped with projectors, meaning students can rehearse before their official presentation. I find the Business School in general is a very pleasant and calm place to be, which makes it a very nice study environment.

The Business School staff are very friendly and helpful, always offering assistance and showing real care towards students, which is always appreciated. My personal tutor, Dr Rish Singhania, has helped me greatly by advising me on my module choices and helping me to decide to change from Management with Marketing to Business Economics. His advice to me was “take the hardest subjects you can stomach” and I am very grateful to him for that. He reminded me that I am here to learn new things and that I should take every opportunity to do so. I would certainly say his advice was some of the best that I have ever received and as a result, I am now happier with myself as a student and I feel I have learnt much more on my course, which will help me progress with my career.

One of my favourite experiences by far at the Business School has been taking the ‘Business Project’ module. This module has taught me to think and work independently and for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, looking to start their own business, I would very much recommend taking this module. The focus of my project is my own graphic design company. By simply giving your business idea a trial run during this project, you can get a large amount of experience with the facts and figures involved and with pitching and selling your idea.

After graduating, I’m hoping to study for a Master’s degree, before eventually working in the finance sector, hopefully as an investment banker. I am currently taking a number of Economics and Banking modules, which will prepare me well for my career.”