Abhinav Jaggi

BSc in Economics

Abhinav Jaggi plans to use everything he is learning about Economics at Exeter to help expand his family’s business.

“After studying at an international school in India, I wanted to come to the UK to learn more about business. After I graduate, my plan is to pursue a Masters in Economics before returning to India to join my family’s manufacturing business and take it forward. Putting into practise all the knowledge and experience I am gaining from my four years abroad, I hope to help expand my family’s business in the direction in which I can see my career heading.

For me, studying Economics is about understanding how the ever-changing world around us functions. One day you could be learning about how auctions operate, while the next you might get an insight into why governments decide to implement certain environmental policies. The most interesting aspect about studying Economics is that the world that we live in is not constant and hence there is always something new to analyse.

As an international student, a safe environment is probably one of the first things you look for when choosing between universities. Exeter has always had the reputation of being one of the safest student cities, which certainly influenced my decision to choose the University of Exeter Business School.

The teaching here is also of an exceptionally high quality. I very much enjoy my Intermediate Microeconomics lectures and tutorials particularly, because of the innovative teaching techniques used by Todd Kaplan and Lawrence Choo. They use experiments and demonstrations to bring financial concepts to life and their two-hour classes never seem too long.

I’ve also been impressed by the support available to students at the Business School. There hasn’t been a single time when I have walked away from the student support desk unsatisfied – whether that has been when I needed to change my modules, or when I was unwell in my second year and unable to attend lectures. There was always someone available to listen and respond to whatever was needed, there and then.

For students considering taking Economics at Exeter, I would say you have an amazing learning experience ahead of you. At the same time, be aware this is not an easy course, particularly considering the amount of Maths involved. But if you are prepared to work hard, you will gain a significant amount from your time here. What’s more, you will be spending three or four years at the heart of a beautiful campus in one of the safest cities I know.”