Ziwen Qi

MSc International Management with European Study

Ziwen was looking to broaden her horizons by experiencing as many different cultures as possible during her studies, and the MSc International Management with European Study presented the perfect opportunity.

“What really made the University of Exeter Business School stand out for me was the location –within easy access of London – and it’s strong reputation.

The most exciting element for me though was the opportunity to study for a semester abroad and experience more of the world while remaining an MSc student at the Business School.

This experience has enabled me to increase the nature and extent of my experience and knowledge of international management in a practical way. In turn, my future career will benefit as I now have a much better understanding of the European community and its market potential.

The Business School is an advanced modern teaching facility and the personal tutor system is highly effective and has always been a great source of support during my studies. The high standards of teaching and dynamic atmosphere on campus really add to the student experience as well.

When I complete my studies I hope to establish my own small business between the UK and my home country of China, and I’d like to start this before the end of 2014 if possible. Completing the dissertation for this course has given me great experience in later developing a business plan for this purpose.

I would advise any students considering the International Management programme to choose the option of studying for a semester in Europe. Studying overseas helps you see the world from a completely new perspective. The experience has helped me broaden my skills and helped me to recognise and appreciate different cultural values and behaviours.

Most importantly though, I’d advise students considering a Masters degree to work hard, but making sure you enjoy your life at University is the most important thing.”