Peter Baumgartner - Grenoble School of Management, France

Dual Degree - MSc International Management (Exeter), MSc Management (Grenoble)

Peter Baumgartner had postgraduate offers from two other universities as well as Exeter, but knew quite quickly that this was where he wanted to come to study as a postgraduate.

“When I came to look round the Business School initially, it took me about 30 minutes visiting the Forum and the beautiful campus, to realise this was the place for me. I liked the environment, the people I met, the knowledge I knew I would be able to gain here. And I know I made the right choice. In fact, I’d go as far to say that this year has been the most enjoyable – and effective – academic year in my life so far.

The MSc in International Management is a programme that allows you to gain a deep insight into many subjects from Operations Management, to International Business or Leadership. The way the programme is structured means that this learning happens in a very interactive way, via a wide variety of teaching styles, including group work, presentations and seminars. In addition to this, all of the compulsory subjects on the programme are interrelated, so there are clear overlaps and links in the syllabus, which have helped me to build a very thorough knowledge in business and management. I’ve enjoyed seeing how the topics in one subject are then built on and added to in another one. It’s a bit like a puzzle, you can tell it’s all been planned in a very structured and detailed way.

Of course, life is fairly busy when you’re studying at this level. But the pressure and other constraints mean we have been able to build a very strong student community, and true friendships develop very quickly here, as you have to trust and rely on one another. It’s not easy, you have to work very hard to get the degree. But as the saying goes ‘the more you put into it, the more you take out at the end’.

As I have recently been accepted onto the new double degree programme, university life isn’t ending for me just yet. After submitting my dissertation, I will be continuing with my studies with a full-year scholarship on the MSc Management course at the Grenoble Ecole de Management in France. That wasn’t something that I’d planned before coming here – it’s an opportunity that came up during the year. So I’m very happy that the Business School has offered me this opportunity, and it means I will end up with two Masters instead of just one.

If I had to pinpoint what makes Exeter really special, I would have to say it’s the diversity of the cohort. The fact that many different kinds of people come here, and despite these differences are able to live and work together in a friendly, collaborative environment, I have never experienced that to such an extent as I have at Exeter.”