Jie - Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

MSc International Management with European Study

Rankings were important to me when comparing universities and I really wanted an institution with a combination of international cultures so Exeter really stood out.

“The Exeter experience is fantastic and I’ve enjoyed studying here.  The facilities are excellent – all classrooms are installed with multi-media and hi-tech equipment, and the library resources are huge. Most importantly, student life is colourful with so many different societies and associations. Exeter’s Islam institution is quite famous and held many international activities this year, like Chinese New Year, Indian Diwali and many more. You can also attend food markets and concerts, plus the surrounding area is beautiful – it’s a good place for living as well as studying.

The lecturers at Exeter are kind and helpful – they provide plenty of material for students to read in advance and the classes are well structured by knowledgeable lecturers who really inspire the students. They’re always open to students’ emails and drop-ins as well.
I took the opportunity to study for a semester abroad as part of the MSc International Management and I’m currently enjoying my studies at Copenhagen Business School.

The tutors here are from a variety of different countries – their mixed teaching background makes for a special and diverse learning environment. I’m also really enjoying the focus on case studies, there’s one in each class which helps to combine what you’ve learnt with real life situations.

There are so many student events as well, everything from concerts to food festivals and jogging competitions! There’s something for everyone.

When I graduate I am planning to find a job in the UK or in Denmark. Studying a Master’s degree has not only improved my knowledge of English and business, but it has also given me an insight into a western life and work ethic. I would also consider studying an MBA after I have gained some work experience – I think knowledge is very important if you’d like to have your own business one day.”