Astrid Galy-Dejean - Grenoble School of Management, France

MSc Marketing with European Study

Astrid chose the University of Exeter Business School for the second year of her double-degree programme and wanted to make the most of study in the UK by choosing a subject she was passionate about.

“In today’s competitive job market I wanted to seize the opportunity to improve my English skills and specialize in the area I want to work in later – marketing. The double-degree option offered by my French Business School – Grenoble Ecole de Management – seemed like the perfect opportunity to give myself a competitive edge.

I chose the University of Exeter Business School from several exchange choices offered to me because it is one of the best Business Schools in the UK, and it offered a specific marketing programme that was tailored towards my expectations and interests.

What I’ve really enjoyed so far is the practical side of the programme. In every module I have the opportunity to apply my knowledge and experience to real life exercises, whether it’s defining a communication strategy for a small UK company or evaluating a company’s process.

The campus at Exeter is always lively and I’ve had the opportunity to mix extracurricular activities - like sport and societies – with my studies. The facilities are great – there are plenty of restaurants, markets and bookshops – and I really like the fact that the library is open 24/7. During exam periods or when essays are due it’s convenient to be able to stay late!

Teaching here has been quite different from how it is in France – lectures are really interactive and students are encouraged to get involved with interesting debates, which can really help in developing a critical point of view.

After graduation I intend to work in a marketing consultancy. Marketing strategy has always been of great interest to me and that’s why I chose to study this programme at the Business School.

The MSc Marketing is a complete Masters, with the work you would expect to go with it! You may spend hours or days in the library but it’s definitely worth it. I actually have the feeling that  I have learned more during this year than during my whole scholarship in France – I think this is because I chose an area I was really interested in, and I’d encourage other students to do the same.

Being a postgraduate student doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your social life – this year has been a great opportunity to meet new people. If I had to summarise it in a few words I’d just say, make sure you work hard and play hard to make the most of the experience!”