Year 12 Economics and Business Conference

Wednesday 6th July 2016, 09.40-3.00pm

We have been running this annual event since 2008. The conference aims to be both inspirational and aspirational and is open to all Year 12 Economics and Business Studies A level and BTEC Business students.

This one-day event provides students with presentations on topical, ‘big picture’ issues – using the insights that the study of Economics, Finance and Business brings to them. Leading academics from across the Business School share and present findings from their research:

  • "Paying Tax is part of life… but should e.g. Google pay more?" Professor Lynne Oats, Professor of Taxation and Accounting, Director of Research (Accounting).
  • "Do we have a food crisis?"Professor Steve McCorriston, Professor of Agricultural Economics.

This event is offered FREE to students and lunch will be provided.

Economics and Business Teacher Master Class

This year, as part of the Year 12 Economics and Business conference, we hope to hold separate master classes just for teachers, alongside the student presentations, (yet to be confirmed). The aim of the sessions is to update teachers’ subject knowledge via research informed presentations delivered by leading academics; and develop the content of your teaching for A level Economics, Business and/or Accounting. At a previous event we also found the day provided south west teachers with an opportunity to network.

When possible we can offer presentations on a range of topics you request, including Accounting. In the past, topics included “Multinationals in the global economy” and “Financial statements”.

Thursday 2nd July 2015, 9.40am-3.00pm

On the 2nd July 2015 around 80 students aged 16-18 came to the University of Exeter Business School for the Year 12 Economics and Business Conference.‌‌‌

The conference is a great opportunity for those who study Business and similar disciplines, to be able to look around the Business School. The day included lectures from some of the Business School’s leading academics. There were also Student Ambassadors who led the campus tour and who were happy to answer questions and able to give information on their university experiences. The tour ran for about 30 minutes, and took visitors to other areas of the campus, so that they could see the different facilities on offer at the University. There was a further chance to ask questions at the end of the day after the final lecture.

The schedule for last year’s conference was as follows:

9.40 - 10.00 Welcome and Introduction to the Business School
10.00 - 10.30 “Why competition matters”
Professor Robin Mason, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for International, University of Birmingham
10.30 - 11.00 Tea/Coffee and refreshments
11.30 - 12.00 “Is innovation a good thing?”
Professor Richard Owen, Interim Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of the Business School
12.00 - 12.30 “Pay gaps: who wins and who loses?”
Professor Carol Woodhams, Head of Organisation Studies
12.30 - 1.45 Lunch and campus tour
1.45 - 2.45 “Paying Tax is part of life”
Professor Lynne Oats, Professor of Taxation and Accounting, Deputy of Research (Accounting)
2.15 - 2.45 “HE and Business & Economics: who what and how?”
Juliette Stephenson, Senior Lecturer Economics
2.45 - 3.00 Close and feedback

"Great day, great University, great speakers - can we come again next year?

Helen Coleman, Lytchett Minster School Dorset