Study Abroad

Congratulations on choosing Exeter!

We are an international Business School and encourage all our students to take up the opportunity to benefit from our partnerships with world-class universities by studying abroad during your degree with us.

Your experience at the University of Exeter Business School can reach far beyond South West England: studying abroad comes in different packages and is open to all.

It is important to demonstrate a global outlook and perspective as a large majority of employers class international knowledge and awareness as incredibly important. Studying abroad for a full academic year, or even for three weeks at an international summer school, will give you the opportunity to gain this experience.

Studying abroad allows you to experience of international cultures, values, and languages which can crucially enhance your professional skill set. Living and studying in a new country will enhance your adaptability, cross-cultural communication, self-confidence and resilience as well as stimulate creative thinking. Having real world examples of these skills can significantly strengthen your CV and employability. In addition, studying abroad in a different country with students from all around the world is a great way to build and expand your global network.

A report by Universities UK International (UUKI) shows that graduates who were mobile during their degree were less likely to be unemployed after graduation, and those in work were more likely to be in a graduate level job (76.4% compared to 69.9%) and more likely to earn 5% more than their non-mobile peers.*

* Universities UK International (2017) Gone International: Mobility Works. London: Universities UK International


Full Year Studying Abroad


1 Semester Study Abroad and 1 Semester Work Placement Abroad



Four year degree programme


Short-Term Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Over 50 different programmes advertised annually
  • Selected programmes can count as a module towards your Exeter degree as part of BUS2003



If you opt for the 'with Year Abroad' programme, your degree will be four years in total, with your third year spent studying at one of our internationally recognised partner Business Schools or universities. Our ‘with European Study’ option also allows for the flexibility of combining studying abroad with a work placement in an EU country.

On ‘with Year Abroad', you can take advantage of a different institution’s expertise to learn something new, or take the opportunity to enhance a subject area you love taught from a different perspective. We also encourage students to take classes in other subject areas where possible, to broaden their knowledge base. However you choose to do it, you will be further developing your knowledge and skills, all whilst absorbing a new country and culture.

To help you prepare for the selection procedure and your year abroad, we offer guidance and support throughout your first and second year. Each of our partner universities is well equipped to deal with incoming exchange students and there will be designated members of staff at the partner university and at Exeter to help and support you during your time abroad.

For students interested in undertaking a semester work placement, there is a dedicated team which provides support and resources to help students find and apply for work placements abroad.


Where can you go?

We currently offer study abroad placements in over 60 universities in over 25 different countries. Please see here for a full list.


How to apply

The study abroad programmes are competitive and there is a selection procedure that starts at the end of your first year. Your acceptance on to a year abroad is subject to satisfactory academic performance and the level of research you have undertaken into your chosen institution. A first year average weighted mark of 50% is required for European destinations and 60% for International destinations. 


Studying abroad is available to all Business School students regardless of language ability. We have study abroad opportunities in English speaking countries and in countries where English is not the predominant language.

Most of our partner universities offer a full range of modules taught in English, regardless of the local language. Although you may not need to speak another language in class, you might still want to take some language classes in your host country in order to make the most of your new environment. Even basic language skills are really valued in the workplace.

If you are planning to study in a language other than English, you will have to be sufficiently competent to study effectively in that language. Classes at the University of Exeter’s Foreign Language Centre (FLC) will help get you up to speed or refresh existing skills. Equally, the FLC offer advanced level classes so you can continue to improve your language skills when you return from your year abroad.



Each year we promote approximately 50 short-term study opportunities allowing students from all degree programmes to spend 2-6 weeks abroad at one of our partner universities. These short-term study abroad options can include a variety of business-related courses, local company visits, and cultural and language elements. This opportunity allows students to experience the benefits of studying abroad in a shorter time period and could be the perfect insight into the full year abroad option. 

There is a diverse range of options, so you could choose to study an intensive set of modules on marketing in Northern Europe, or submerse yourself in the culture and language of South East Asia. For a select number of programmes there is also the possibility to transfer the credits earned to count towards your University of Exeter degree.

All the available options are advertised each January and there are a number of scholarship and funding opportunities. Support and information on the individual application processes will be given at the time.


During your first year the Global Opportunities Team will be in contact with you to advertise a variety of events and talks. For example, in October there will be a Study Abroad Fair, where you will be able to meet previous study abroad students and discover more about the destinations on offer. In January we will be holding a Summer School Fair advertising the different summer opportunities.

In Spring there will be a compulsory talk to all students interested in a year abroad, after which you will pick your top countries for your year abroad.

Full details will be sent to all students closer to the time. 

In the meantime find out more:

  • Come and see us in Fresher’s Week at the following times:

Thursday 19th September, 11:00 – 11:30 or 14:00 – 14:30 in Xfi Seminar Room A.

We’re based in Streatham Court Room 0.09, drop-in office hours are 10-11 and 2-3 Monday – Friday.